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Good Vibrations (musical)

Good Vibrations
Broadway Playbill
Music Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys
Lyrics Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys
Book Richard Dresser
Productions 2005 Broadway

Good Vibrations is a Broadway jukebox musical featuring the music of Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. It opened February 2, 2005, at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre and ran for 94 performances before closing on April 24, 2005.[1] The musical follows the tale of three high school friends who want to escape their small New England town and drive to California. However, none of them own a car, so they invite the unpopular valedictorian girl who has a crush on one of the guys to use her for her car, and drama and romance ensue.[2] The cast on opening night starred Kate Reinders as Caroline, David Larsen as Bobby, Tituss Burgess as Eddie, Brandon Wardell as Dave, Jessica-Snow Wilson as Marcella, and Sebastian Arcelus as Jan.[1] Janet Dacal, Sarah Glendening and Krysta Rodriguez made their Broadway debuts in the show.

Musical numbers

Act one
  1. "Our Prayer" – Surfer Guys
  2. "Fun, Fun, Fun" – Bobby and Company
  3. "Keep an Eye on Summer" – Surfer Guys
  4. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" – Eddie, Marcella and Surfer Guys
  5. "In My Room" – Caroline, Marcella and High School Kids
  6. "I Get Around" – Dave, Bobby, Eddie and Surfer Guys
  7. "When I Grow Up (To Be a Man)" – Caroline, Bobby, Dave, Eddie, Marcella and High School Kids
  8. "Break Away" – Bobby, Dave, Eddie and Surfer Guys
  9. "Don't Worry, Baby" – Caroline, Bobby and High School Kids
  10. "Surf City" – Dave, Bobby, Eddie, Caroline and Surfer Guys
  11. "Shut Down" – Bobby, Caroline, Dave, Eddie and Surfer Guys
  12. "Be True to Your School" – Country Dude and Chili Dog Kids
  13. "Car Crazy Cutie" – Bobby, Dave, Eddie and Surfer Guys
  14. "The Warmth of the Sun" – Marcella, Caroline and Giggles Girls
  15. "Pet Sounds" – Instrumental
  16. "Surfin' U.S.A." – Jan, Dean and Beach Kids
  17. "Dance, Dance, Dance" – Caroline, Jan and Beach Kids
Act two
  1. "California Girls" – Jan, Dean and Beach Kids
  2. "Help Me, Rhonda" – Eddie, Bobby, Dave and Beach Guys
  3. "Stoked" – Beach Guys
  4. "Surfer Girl" – Bobby and Beach Guys
  5. "Darlin'" – Jan, Caroline and Beach Kids
  6. "Your Imagination" – Caroline and Marcella
  7. "Caroline, No" – Bobby
  8. "All Summer Long" – Beach Kids
  9. "I Just Wasn't Made for These Times" – Dave, Bobby and Eddie
  10. "Wouldn't It Be Nice (Reprise)" – Eddie, Marcella and Surfer Guys
  11. "Sail On, Sailor" – Eddie, Dean and Beach Kids
  12. "Sloop John B" – Jan, Dave and Beach Kids
  13. "Friends" – Surfer Guys
  14. "Good Vibrations" – Bobby and Company
  15. "God Only Knows" – Bobby, Caroline and Company
  16. "Finale" – The Company[1]

Critical reception

Good Vibrations received many harshly mixed reviews that condemned its plot as being superficial, predictable and bland, contrived around incorporating as many Beach Boys' songs as possible. Since the songs were not tailor-made for the musical, critics complained that songs did little to progress the plot or give insight into the characters. Therefore, despite an energetic cast and a soulful score of favorite tunes, the general verdict was that Good Vibrations made for a nice concert but a poor example of true musical theatre.[3][4]