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Google Real-Time Search

Google Real-Time Search was a feature of Google Search provided by Google in which search results also sometimes included real-time information from sources such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and news websites.[1] The feature was introduced on December 7, 2009[2] and went off-line on July 2, 2011 after the deal with Twitter expired.[3] Real-Time Search included Facebook status updates beginning on February 24, 2010.[4] A feature similar to Real-Time Search was already available on Microsoft's Bing search engine, which showed results from Twitter and Facebook.[5]


The interface for the engine showed a live, descending "river" of posts in the main region (which could be paused or resumed), while a bar chart metric of the frequency of posts containing a certain search term or hashtag was located on the right hand corner of the page above a list of most frequently reposted posts and outgoing links. Hashtag search links were also supported, as were "promoted" tweets hosted by Twitter (located persistently on top of the river) and thumbnails of retweeted image or video links.

In January 2011, geolocation links of posts were made available alongside results in Real-Time Search. In addition, posts containing syndicated or attached shortened links were made searchable by the link: query option.

In July 2011 Real-Time Search became inaccessible, with the Real-Time link in the Google sidebar disappearing and a custom 404 error page generated by Google returned at its former URL. Google originally suggested that the interruption was temporary and related to the launch of Google+;[6] they subsequently announced that it was due to the expiry of a commercial arrangement with Twitter to provide access to tweets.[7]

Supported websites


Rumored or stated, not implemented

  • Yahoo! Answers[1]
  • Jaiku[8]
  • TwitArmy
  • Quora
  • Gowalla
  • Google News links
  • Google Blog Search links
  • Plixi
  • Me2day
  • Twitgoo

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