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Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods

Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods
Directed by Patrick Meaney
Produced by Julian Darius
F. J. DeSanto
Patrick Meaney
Mike Phillips
Jordan Rennert
Amber Yoder
Cinematography Jordan Rennert
Edited by Patrick Meaney
Sequart Organization, Respect! Films
Distributed by Halo-8 Entertainment
Release dates
  • October 9, 2010 (2010-10-09)
Running time
80 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods is a feature-length documentary that takes an in depth look at the life, career and mind of the Scottish comic book writer Grant Morrison. Talking with Gods features interviews with Morrison and many his most collaborators, such as artists, editors and other industry professionals.


Talking With Gods is the first documentary co-produced by Sequart and Respect Films. The film grew out of Our Sentence is Up: Seeing The Invisibles, a book length exploration of Morrison's seminal comic book series.[1] After completing the book, Sequart pitched Morrison on the idea of a documentary chronicling his life and work. He agreed, and filming began in April 2009. Over the next year, the filmmakers traveled to Los Angeles, New York, London and Glasgow to interview Morrison's friends and collaborators.

Among those interviewed are Executive Editor of DC Comics Dan DiDio, and Karen Berger - Executive Editor of DC Comics' Vertigo. Artists interviewed in the film include Phil Jimenez, Jill Thompson, Cameron Stewart, Frazer Irving, Steve Cook and many others. The film also features interviews with Morrison's collaborators Geoff Johns and Mark Waid, as well as counterculture personalities like Richard Metzger and Douglas Rushkoff. The actress Amber Benson is interviewed briefly on the subject of Morrison's comic series, We3.


The film tracks chronologically through Morrison's life, emphasizing the connections between his life and writing. It follows Morrison as he moves from a shy and sometimes depressed teenager, through his years as a comic book rock star in the 1990s, and ultimately to a happy and well adjusted life as he looks to the future.


News broke in July 2010 that indie film distributor Halo-8 Entertainment had picked up the film for a November 2010 release at New York Comic-Con, followed by a theatrical release run.[2]

The film premiered to general critical acclaim[citation needed]. It is currently available on DVD, and also free to stream via Hulu (in North America), as well as YouTube. The film was followed by a similarly themed documentary on Warren Ellis titled Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts.[3] The same team is currently working on The Image Revolution, a documentary history of Image Comics.

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