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Gray platelet syndrome

Gray platelet syndrome
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 D69.1
OMIM 139090
DiseasesDB 29160
MedlinePlus 000582
NCI Gray platelet syndrome
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Gray platelet syndrome (GPS), or platelet alpha-granule deficiency,[1] is a rare congenital autosomal recessive bleeding disorder caused by a reduction or absence of alpha-granules in blood platelets, and the release of proteins normally contained in these granules into the marrow, causing myelofibrosis.[2]

GPS is primarily inherited in an autosomal recessive manner, and the gene that is mutated in GPS has recently been mapped to chromosome 3p[3] and identified as NBEAL2.[4] NBEAL2 encodes a protein containing a BEACH domain that is predicted to be involved in vesicular trafficking. It is expressed in platelets and megakaryocytes and is required for the development of platelet alpha-granules.[5] NBEAL2 expression is also required for the development of thrombocytes in zebrafish.[6]

GPS is characterized by "thrombocytopenia, and abnormally large agranular platelets in peripheral blood smears."[7] The defect in GPS is the failure of megakaryocytes to package secretory proteins into alpha-granules. Patients with the GPS are affected by mild to moderate bleeding tendencies.

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