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Green Senatorial Campaign Committee

The Green Senatorial Campaign Committee (GSCC) is the Green Party committee for the United States Senate, working to elect Greens to that body. The GSCC filed with the FEC for official recognition in September 2006, it was received in February 2007 [1]. This is the first time a party other than the Democrats or Republicans have had a Senatorial Campaign Committee recognized by the FEC.

During the 2006 elections the party created the GSCC in June 2006, and it is based in Minneapolis. But without official recognition, the committee had to operate like a political action committee. [2]

The Green Senatorial Campaign Committee (GSCC) is a seven-member committee elected by the National Committee of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). It presently has one vacancy, and its current members including its nonvoting Treasurer are:

  • Teresa Keane, Chair: (Portland, Oregon)
  • Anita Wessling, Vice-Chair: (Omaha, Arkansas)
  • Brent White, Secretary: (Seattle, Washington)
  • Dave Jette, Treasurer and Webmaster: (Seattle, Washington)
  • Eric Oines, Assistant Treasurer: (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  • Jim Lendall, (Mabelvale, Arkansas)
  • Marc Sanson, (Springfield, Illinois)

Former Members

  • Roger Snyder, (Founding Member) (New York)
  • Dean Myerson, (Founding Member) nonvoting Treasurer: (Washington)

During the 2006 elections the GSCC contributed $1,809 to 9 Green Senatorial Campaigns.[3]

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