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Gregg Jakobson

Gregg Jakobson (born 1939 in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States) was a friend and songwriting partner of Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, and a prosecution witness in the murder trials of members of the Manson Family. Together Wilson and he wrote "Celebrate the News", "Forever" and "San Miguel" for The Beach Boys. The pair also wrote many songs together for Wilson's 1977 album Pacific Ocean Blue including "What's Wrong", "Moonshine", "Friday Night

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Jakobson met Charles Manson in 1968 through Wilson and became friends with him, eventually paying expenses for Manson to record some of his own compositions. He later wrote of his experiences with Manson for Rolling Stone magazine, using the pseudonym of "Lance Fairweather".[1]

In 2008 Jakobson produced the "Legacy Edition" re-issue of Pacific Ocean Blue, which also features previously unreleased tracks from this album and the unfinished follow-up Bambu.[2]


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