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Group N Touring Cars

This article is about the Australian motor racing category. For the FIA Production Car category, see Group N.

Group N Touring Cars is an Australian motor racing category for touring cars built before December 1972.[1]

The category was introduced in 1981 [2] and was initially known as Group N (Appendix J) Saloon Cars (Pre 1965).[3] Cars had to be series production type saloons with seating for four, manufactured prior to 31 December 1964, of which at least 100 had been produced.[3] Mechanical modifications were permitted with the intention of emulating racing under the Appendix J regulations which were current in Australia until 31 December 1964.[3]

The eligibility criteria were amended in 1995 to include cars built up to 31 December 1972.[4]

Group N is currently divided into three classes.[1]

  • Group Na is for cars commercially available in Australia prior to 31 December 1957.[1]
  • Group Nb is for cars manufactured prior to 31 December 1964 of which 100 have been produced.[1]

Individual cars are not required to have a competition history in order to be eligible.[1]


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