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Guarani Braille

Guarani Braille
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Guarani alphabet

Guarani Braille is the braille alphabet of the Paraguayan Guarani language.[1] Letter assignments are those of Spanish Braille (less the accented vowels, which are not used in Guarani): that is, the basic braille alphabet plus for ñ. An additional letter, , is used for glottal stop, written as an apostrophe in the Guarani print alphabet. (In Spanish Braille, and presumably in Guarani Braille as well, is used for the colon.) Print digraphs such as ch and rr are digraphs in braille as well. In addition, the tilde in print is written as the letter in braille, and comes before the letter it appears on in print. Thus the Guarani letters outside the basic Latin alphabet are:

ñ ã ĩ õ ũ


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