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Guildo Horn

File:Guildo Horn, Stadtfest Duisburg, Königstraße, 2003.jpg
Live gig of Guildo Horn at a city festival in Duisburg, 2003.
File:Guildo Horn.jpg
Guildo Horn, 2004.

Guildo Horn (Template:IPA-de; born 15 February 1963 in Trier as Horst Köhler, not related to former German President Horst Köhler) is a German Schlager singer. He is mainly famous for his eccentric stage persona, which includes outrageous clothes and very extroverted antics.

At the Eurovision Song Contest 1998, he was seventh with the song "Guildo hat euch lieb!" (Guildo loves you!).

With the Olympic trampolining champion Anna Dogonadze and the referee Markus Merk, he was an ambassador for his native state of Rhineland-Palatinate for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Discography (albums)

  • Rückkehr nach Mendocino (1992)
  • Sternstunden der Zärtlichkeiten (1995)
  • Danke! (1997)
  • Schön! (1999)
  • Der König der Möwen (2002)
  • Guildo Horn featuring Pomp & Brass (2003)
  • Essential (2005)
  • Die Rocky Horny Weihnachtsshow (2005)
  • Erhebet die Herzen (2008)
  • 20 Jahre Zärtlichkeit (2010)
  • Weihnachtsfestival der Liebe (maxi-CD) (2012)

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