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HNZ Group

HNZ Group Inc
Traded as TSXHNZ.A
Industry Transportation
Predecessor Sealand Helicopters & Okanagan Helicopters
Founded =
Headquarters Les Cèdres, Quebec, Canada
Area served
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Antarctica and southeast Asia
Key people
Don Wall (President and CEO)
Services Helicopter charter and related services
Revenue $265 million CAN (2011)

HNZ Group, Inc, formally Canadian Helicopters Group Inc. , is the parent company of Helicopters (NZ) and Canadian Helicopters. Overall the company operates 140 helicopters in support of multi-national companies and government agencies, including onshore and offshore oil & gas, mineral exploration, military support, hydro/utilities, forest management, construction, air ambulance, and search & rescue. In addition to charter services, they provide flight training and third party repair and maintenance services from 43 bases across Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan,United States, Antarctica and southeast Asia.


Until November 2000, Canadian Helicopters was the domestic operating arm of Canadian Helicopters International, a wholly owned subsidiary of CHC Helicopter Corporation. In 2000, CHI entered into an agreement with Fonds de Solidarité FTQ (FSTQ) and the management of its two domestic divisions, Canadian Helicopters Eastern and Canadian Helicopters Western, for the sale of an interest in the divisions' assets in a Management Buyout. As a result the senior Management and FSTQ acquired 10% and 45% equity interests in Canadian Helicopters, respectively, while CHC retained a 45% equity interest. Management Buyout was completed in November 2000 at which time Management integrated eastern and western operations to form Canadian Helicopters Limited.[1]

The company went public on the TSX in 2005 at which time CHC Helicopter Corporation divested itself of its equity interest and holds no interest in the company to this day.

In 2011, Canadian Helicopters Inc purchased the Helicopters New Zealand (HNZ) Group for NZ$154 million,[2] and in 2012 rebranded itself as HNZ Group, Inc.[3]


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