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Hansson III Cabinet

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The third cabinet of Per Albin Hansson was the cabinet of Sweden between 13 December 1939 and 31 July 1945. It consisted of members from the Social Democratic Party, the Farmers' League, the People's Party and the National Organization of the Right.

It was a grand coalition formed for reasons of national stability during World War II, and its constituent parties represented 219 out of the 230 seats in the Parliament of Sweden since the 1936 general election. Two parties of the 1936–1940 parliament were kept out of the government, the pro-Soviet Communist Party and the Socialist Party, which veered between Communist and Nazi positions, and lost its parliamentary representation in 1940. After the 1940 general election, the government represented 227 out of the 230 seats in parliament, and after 1944 general election, 215 out of 230.

After the end of World War II, the coalition government was dissolved on 31 July 1945, and was replaced by a government consisting only of social democrat ministers, as this party held 115 out of 230 seats in parliament.


Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
Prime Minister's Office

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Prime Minister,
Head of the Prime Minister's Office</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Per Albin Hansson</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td>

Ministry of Justice

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Justice,
Head of the Ministry of Justice</td><td style="background:#39944A"> </td><td>Karl Gustaf Westman</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>30 August 1943</td><td>Farmers' League</td><tr><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Thorwald Bergquist</td><td>30 August 1943</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>People's</td></tr>

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Foreign Affairs,
Head of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs</td><td style="background:#DDDDDD"> </td><td>Christian Günther</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Independent</td>

Ministry of Defence

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Defence,
Head of the Ministry of Defence</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Per Edvin Sköld</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td>

Ministry of Health and Social Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Health and Social Affairs,
Head of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Gustav Möller</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td>

Ministry for Communications

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Communications,
Head of the Ministry of Communications</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Gustaf Andersson in Rasjön</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>People's</td><tr><td style="background:#1B49DD"> </td><td>Fritiof Domö</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>National Organization</td></tr>

Ministry of Finance

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Finance,
Head of the Ministry of Finance</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Ernst Wigforss</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td>

Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs,
Head of the Ministry of Education and Ecclesiastical Affairs</td><td style="background:#1B49DD"> </td><td>Gösta Bagge</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>15 December 1944</td><td>National Organization</td><tr><td style="background:#1B49DD"> </td><td>Georg Andrén</td><td>15 December 1944</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>National Organization</td></tr>

Ministry of Agriculture

<tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Agriculture,
Head of the Ministry of Agriculture</td><td style="background:#39944A"> </td><td>Axel Pehrsson-Bramstorp</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Farmers' League</td>

Ministry of Enterprise

<tr><td rowspan="3" style="vertical-align:center">Minister of Enterprise,
Head of the Ministry of Enterprise</td><td style="background:#1B49DD"> </td><td>Fritiof Domö</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>7 March 1941</td><td>National Organization</td><tr><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Herman Eriksson</td><td>7 March 1941</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>Social Democratic</td></tr><tr><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Bertil Ohlin</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>People's</td></tr>

Ministry of Management of the Economy

<tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Minister for Management of the Economy,
Head of the Ministry of Management of the Economy</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Herman Eriksson</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>7 March 1941</td><td>Social Democratic</td><tr><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Axel Gjöres</td><td>7 March 1941</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td></tr>

Ministers without portfolio

<tr><td rowspan="3" style="vertical-align:center">Law consult</td><td style="background:#DDDDDD"> </td><td>Nils Quensel</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>11 October 1940</td><td>Independent</td><tr><td style="background:#DDDDDD"> </td><td>Edgar Rosander</td><td>11 October 1940</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>Independent</td></tr><tr><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Gunnar Danielson</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td></tr> <tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Law consult</td><td style="background:#50a7f7"> </td><td>Thorwald Bergquist</td><td>13 December 1939</td><td>30 August 1943</td><td>People's</td><tr><td style="background:#DDDDDD"> </td><td>Nils Quensel</td><td>30 August 1943</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Independent</td></tr> <tr><td rowspan="2" style="vertical-align:center">Minister of Fuel</td><td style="background:#1B49DD"> </td><td>Fritiof Domö</td><td>7 March 1941</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>National Organization</td><tr><td style="background:#39944A"> </td><td>Axel Rubbestad</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Farmers' League</td></tr> <tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister without of portfolio in questions
regarding Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Defence</td><td style="background:#1B49DD"> </td><td>Knut G. Ewerlöf</td><td>7 March 1941</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>National Organization</td> <tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister of Civil Affairs</td><td style="background:#39944A"> </td><td>Axel Rubbestad</td><td>30 August 1943</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>Farmers' League</td> <tr><td rowspan="1" style="vertical-align:center">Minister of Civil Affairs and Deputy Minister for Health and Social Affairs</td><td style="background:#EE2020"> </td><td>Tage Erlander</td><td>30 September 1944</td><td>31 July 1945</td><td>Social Democratic</td>

File:The cabinet of Sweden 1939 and prime minister Hansson.jpg
The newly formed government assembled at Stockholm Palace in December 1939. From left to right: Bagge, Andersson, Bergquist, Möller, Westman, Quensel, Günther, Domö, Hansson (carrying a briefcase), Wigforss, Sköld, Pehrsson-Bramstorp, Eriksson.


Preceded by
Hansson II
Cabinet of Sweden
Succeeded by
Hansson IV