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Haplogroup R0 (mtDNA)

Haplogroup R0
Possible time of origin 23,600 to 54,900 YBP[1]
Possible place of origin Near East or South Asia
Ancestor R
Descendants HV, R0a
Defining mutations 73, 11719[2]

In human mitochondrial genetics, Haplogroup R0 (formerly known as Haplogroup pre-HV[3]) is a mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroup.


Haplogroup R0 derives from the macro-haplogroup R. It is an ancestral haplogroup to R0a and Haplogroup HV (and therefore to Haplogroup H and Haplogroup V).


Haplogroup R0 occurs frequently in the Arabian Plate with its highest frequency in Socotri (Population 50,000 Yemen) 38% [4] and it is also found in a high frequency in the Kalash (Population 6,000 in Pakistan) with 23%[5] smaller frequency in North Africa, the Horn of Africa, Anatolia, Iranian Plateau & Dalmatia. Its greater variety in the Arabian Plate suggests R0a originated in and spread from there.



This phylogenetic tree of haplogroup R0 subclades is based on the paper by Mannis van Oven and Manfred Kayser Updated comprehensive phylogenetic tree of global human mitochondrial DNA variation[2] and subsequent published research.

  • R
    • R0 or pre-HV
      • R0a or (preHV)1
        • R0a1 or (preHV)1a
          • R0a1a
        • 60.1T
          • R0a2 or (preHV)1b
            • R0a2a
            • R0a2b
            • R0a2c
            • R0a2d
            • R0a2e
        • HV
          • HV0
          • HV1
          • 73
          • HV4
          • HV5
          • H

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