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Hashire Melos!

For the short story, see Run, Melos!.
Hashire Melos!
(Hashire Merosu!)
Genre Adventure, Drama
Anime film
Directed by Tomoharu Katsumata
Written by Keinosuke Uekusa
Music by Katsuhiro Tsuboiri
Studio Toei Animation
Released February 7, 1981
Runtime 68 minutes
Anime film
Directed by Masaaki Osumi
Written by Masaaki Osumi
Music by Kazumasa Oda
Studio Toei Animation
Released July 25, 1992
Runtime 107 minutes
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Hashire Melos! (走れメロス! Hashire Merosu!?, lit. Run Melos!) is the title of two Japanese animated films. The first was directed by Tomoharu Katsumata and released on Japanese television on February 7, 1981. It was either 68 or 87 minutes long, and its official title did not include the exclamation mark on the end.

The second, with the exclamation mark, was a 107-minute remake of the first and was released on July 25, 1992. It featured direction and screenplay by Masaaki Osumi, music by Kazumasa Oda, art by Hiroyuki Okiura and Satoshi Kon, and background art by Hiroshi Ohno.

Both were produced by Toei Company Ltd. Visual 80, and both were based on the original short story written by Osamu Dazai[1] in 1940.


The movie tells the story of Melos, a Greek country man that gets arrested and accused of conspiracy against the king. He gets three days to travel to his sister's wedding while Selinentius (Selinae), a genius sculptor that Melos just met stays as a hostage. As opposed to Osamu Dazai's original story, Melos is here innocent of the conspiracy accusation.

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