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Haya Doin'?

'Haya Doin?' was a series of unofficial New York Yankees sports anthems produced and voiced by Carmine Famiglietti and Joseph Summa from 1999 - 2001. The songs were uptempo ballads describing those years' Yankees playoff appearances from the perspective of the two Italian Americans who created the song.

Joe Summa and Carmine Famiglietti were not songwriters, but actors, when they decided to write a song about the Christmas gifts that a stereotypical Italian American might receive. The name of the song was The Twelve Days of a Guido Christmas, and received airplay on several of New York radio stations in the Winter of 1998.[1]

Summa and Famiglietti went on to write and perform a version of Haya Doin'? at the Feast of San Gennaro, where Yankee batting practice pitcher Charlie Wonsowicz was in attendance. Wonsowicz informed the team of the existence of the song, which then had Summa and Famiglietti re-write it.[1]

Summa and Famiglietti took on the monikers of Joey Baseballs and Carmanooch, and shorter versions of both names during the song. The song's title is occasionally spelled "How Ya Doin'?" or "How Ya Doing?," but the actual name Haya Doin'? is spelled out by Joe Balls during the song.

The phrase was chosen because of its polymorphism. Famiglietti says of the greeting expression, "If Derek Jeter hits a home run and you're down two, it's HOW YA doin'. I got a parking ticket it's how ya DOIN' you say it with a little more anger at the end." [1]


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