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Henley Women's Regatta

File:Henley regatta temple island.jpg
The Temple on Temple Island, the iconic starting point of Henley Women's Regatta.

Henley Women's Regatta, often appreviated to "HWR" or "Women's Henley", is a rowing regatta held at Henley-on-Thames, England. It was first held in 1988, as a response to the absence of women's events at Henley Royal Regatta at that time. While Henley Royal Regatta now offers three women's events, Women's Henley has continued to build and expand. Women's Henley Regatta now lasts three full days, and includes time trials for over-subscribed events.

Henley Women's Regatta is held on the Thames River at Henley, ultilising the same, but shortened, boomed course as Henley Royal. The Henley Women's Regatta course runs for 1,500m in comparison with Henley Royal's 2112m. The Henley Women's Regatta course begins at the top of Temple Island and has its finish line in front of theRemenham Club, where the Friends of Women's Henley Regatta enclosure is located. It takes place over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in mid to late June.

Since 2004 the regatta has offered Intermediate, Senior and Elite categories instead of College, Club and Open. Junior categories are also offered. In 2011 the regatta also began to offer Adaptive events.

The current regatta chair is Miriam Batten and the patron of the regatta is Sir Steven Redgrave.


  • Elite
    • The Sports Council Cup (Eights)
    • The Avril Vellacott Cup (Coxless Fours)
    • The Borne Cup (Quad Sculls)
    • The Redgrave Trophy (Coxless Pairs)
    • The W. Peer Cup (Double Sculls)
    • The George Innes Cup (Single Sculls)
    • The Rankine Trophy (Lwt Quad Sculls)
    • The Vesta Cup (Lwt Coxless Fours) not offered in 2013
    • The Haslam Trophy (Lwt Double Sculls)
    • The Parkside Trophy (Lwt Coxless Pairs) reintroduced in 2013
    • The Godfrey Rowsports Trophy (Lwt Single Sculls)
  • Senior
    • The G P Jeffries Cup (Eights)
    • The Frank Harry Cup (Coxed Fours)
    • The Chairman's Trophy (Quad Sculls)
    • The Rosie Mayglothling Trophy (Double Sculls)
    • The Copas Cup (Lwt Double Sculls)
    • The Bernard Churcher Trophy (Single Sculls)
    • The Fiona Dennis Trophy (Lwt Single Sculls)
  • Intermediate
    • The Pricewaterhouse Coopers Cup (Academic Eights)
    • The Cathy Cruickshank Trophy (Academic Coxed Fours)
    • The Invesco Perpetual Trophy (Club Eights)
    • The Lester Trophy (Club Coxed Fours)
  • Junior
    • The Peabody Cup (Eights)
    • The Groton School Challenge Cup (Coxed Fours)
    • The Bea Langridge Trophy (Quad Sculls)
    • The Rayner Cup (Double Sculls)
    • The Di Ellis Trophy (Single Sculls)
    • The Nina Padwick Trophy (J16 Quad Sculls)
    • The West End Amateur Rowing Association Trophy (J16 Coxed Fours)
  • Adaptive
    • The Parkside Trophy (TA/AS Single Sculls)

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