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Hero Illustrated

Hero Illustrated was a comic book-themed magazine published in the early to mid-1990s in the United States. Columnists included Andy Mangels,[1] and Frank Kurtz was at one time a managing editor. The journal won the 1995 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Periodical/Publication.


Hero Illustrated was published by Warrior Publications of Lombard, Illinois. Its premiere issue was dated July 1993 and it ceased publication in the spring of 1996.[2]


In addition to at least 26 regular issues, numerous specials were published, including Hero Illustrated Specials, Hero Premiere Edition, and Hero Special Edition.

  • Hero Premiere Edition — a series of ashcan copy printings of forthcoming comics.
  • Hero Special Edition
    • 1993: the Year in Comics (vol. 1, 1994)
    • Comic Book Villains: the Baddest of the Bad: Anti-Hero Special Edition (vol. 2, 1994)
    • The 100 Most Important Comics of All Time (vol. 4, 1994)
    • Comic Book Who's Who: Complete Biographies on the Hottest Comic Book Characters! (vol. 6, 1994)
    • Hero 1994 Yearbook: the ups and downs, the best and the worst, the people and the events that rocked the world in comics in 1994! (vol. 8, 1994)


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