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Hip hop Tuga

Portuguese hip hop (Hip hop português) more usually known as Hip Hop Tuga is the Portuguese variety of hip hop music.

Hip Hop Tuga is different from mainstream hip hop because it has strong influences from African music from Lusophone Africa, reggae, zouk and Portuguese fado. It is often performed by African-Portuguese artists, descendants from African immigrants that came to Portugal after the independence of its former African colonies. Artists such as Valete, and Sam the Kid are among the most popular artists. At the same level and going up there are from the old school of portuguese hip hop artists like Chullage, Regula, Da Weasel, Allen Halloween, Dealema, Mind Da Gap, Sir Sratch, Boss AC, Don Nuno, Guetto 6 Damaia and Baby Dog.

The founder of Hip Hop Tuga was rapper General D.


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