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History (European TV channel)

Launched 11 November 1995 (1995-11-11) (UK)
1 November 1999 (1999-11-01) (Ireland)
15 November 2004 (2004-11-15) (Germany)
17 October 2007 (2007-10-17) (Netherlands)
Owned by A+E Networks UK (A+E Networks/Sky plc)
Picture format 16:9, 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audience share UK:
0.05% (+1) (April 2015 (2015-04), [1])
Slogan Made Every Day
Country United Kingdom
Broadcast area Arab World, Balkans, Benelux, Central Europe & Eastern Europe, Iberian Peninsula, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Scandinavia, South Africa, United Kingdom
Headquarters Brentford, West London (UK and Pan-Europe)
Munich (Germany, Austria & Switzerland)
Rome (Italy)
Madrid (Spain & Portugal)
Formerly called The History Channel (1995-2008)
Sister channel(s) CI
Timeshift service History +1
VuTV Channel 238 on Freeview (UK)
Sky (UK & Ireland) Channel 529 (SD/HD)
Channel 530 (+1)
Channel 545 (SD)
On Demand
NOVA Greece (Greece) Channel 404
CanalDigitaal (Netherlands) Channel 19 (HD)
Sky Deutschland Channel 407 (HD)
Channel 427
Canal+ (Spain) Channel 35
Sky Italia Channel 407 (SD/HD)
Channel 408 (+1)
Digiturk Channel 188 (SD/HD)
Channel 386
DStv (South Africa) Channel 186
OSN (Middle East
& North Africa)
Channel 508 (HD)
Virgin Media (UK) Channel 234
Channel 235 (+1)
On Demand (including HD)
Smallworld Cable (UK) Channel 529
Channel 530 (+1)
UPC Ireland Channel 217
Channel 220 (HD)
WightFibre (UK) Channel 82
Ziggo (Netherlands) Channel 28 (SD/HD)
Primacom (Germany) Channel 112
UPC Cablecom (Switzerland) Channel 102 (HD)
Channel 103
UPC Austria Channel 531
ONO (Spain) Channel 91
R (Spain) Channel 53
TeleCable (Spain) Channel 22
Euskaltel (Spain) Channel 55
NOS (Portugal) Channel 112
Cabovisão (Portugal) Channel 24
BT (UK) Channel 432
Channel 452 (HD)
MaxTV (Croatia) Channel 104
KPN (Netherlands) Channel 389
Movistar TV (Spain) Channel 84
MEO (Portugal) Channel 123
Optimus Clix (Portugal) Channel 134
TalkTalk Plus TV (UK) Channel 432
Streaming media
Sky Go Sky (UK & Ireland only)
Virgin TV Anywhere Virgin Media (UK only)
Horizon (Netherlands and Ireland only)

History (formerly known as The History Channel UK) is a pan-European television channel broadcasting programs related to historical events and persons, owned by a joint-venture between A+E Networks, owner of the American History, and British Sky Broadcasting, the UK's largest pay-TV provider. AMC Networks International DMC is responsible for the signal distribution across mainland Europe and the subsidiaries of AMC Networks International are the distribution representatives across Europe.[2][3] Its programming is mainly in English and locally subtitled or dubbed. It is available through numerous satellite, cable, terrestrial and IPTV distributors across Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. In some countries the advertisement and the announcements between programs are localized.

There are specific versions for Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal:


The channel launched in November 1995 under the name The History Channel and was the first version of History to launch outside the United States. It was first broadcast from the crowded transponder 47 on the Astra 1C satellite, where it would broadcast for four hours between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays. Among the channels it shared the transponder with were Sky Travel, Sky Soap, Sky Sports 2 and Sci-Fi Channel.

In 1997, Sky Sports 2 became a full-day channel and the channels that time-shared with it had to move. The History Channel would now share transponder 24 with Sky Soap and Sci-Fi Channel.[4]

The History Channel launched in Scandinavia in September 1997, broadcasting for three hours per day on the Analogue Viasat platform. Initially time-sharing with TV1000 Cinema, it was later moved to the Swedish TV8 channel and continued broadcasting there until November 2004 when Viasat launched their own history channel, Viasat History, in the Nordic region and closed down the History Channel.

The launch of Sky Digital allowed the channel to increase it broadcast hours significantly. The channel was completely launched across Europe in October 2007.[5]

On 26 October 2006, The History Channel HD launched in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A high-definition version of the History Channel was launched in the Nordic region on 13 December 2007. It offers a separate schedule to the standard-definition version.[6] In January 2008, The History Channel HD launched in the Netherlands.[7]

In November 2008, the channel got its current name.[8][9] The high-definition channel became History HD in the process.

The company behind the channel was known as The History Channel ( UK ) Limited until July 2009, when it was renamed AETN UK to reflect the fact that the company now offers several channels.[10] On 22 September 2011, AETN UK was rebranded as A+E Networks UK.[11]

It launched on BT on 15 August 2013 and TalkTalk on 28 August 2014. It is on the Entertainment Extra Boost along with CI.

A+E Networks UK operations

Since the launch of History, the company has extended its line-up with:

  • Bio. in October 2000 until 4 November 2013
  • CI on 10 July 2006
  • Crime & Investigation Network Africa on 26 February 2007
  • History HD on 26 October 2006
  • History Africa on 1 December 2003
  • Military History on 28 July 2008 until 4 May 2013
  • H2 on 4 May 2013, replacing Military History
  • Lifetime on 4 November 2013, replacing Bio.
  • Lifetime Africa on 22 July, 2014

History Germany

In the German-speaking countries History is operated and run by The History Channel Germany GmbH & Co. KG, a joint venture between A+E Networks and NBC Universal Global Networks Germany. The channel launched as The History Channel on 15 November 2004 and changed its name into History on 11 January 2009.[12]

History is available on the cable networks of Kabel Deutschland, Kabel BW/Unitymedia, Primacom and KabelKiosk in all German states. It is also available on cable in Austria and Switzerland.

On satellite, the channel was available on Arena. It was not available on Premiere, until that platform was renamed Sky on 4 July 2009. At the same time History HD, a high-definition version of the channel, was launched.

The channel also hosts the "History-Award", which has been given annually since 2005.

Canal de História

File:Historia logo.jpg
História logo used in Spain and Portugal.

Since 1996, History is operated and distributed under the name of Canal de História and more recently História by AMC Networks International Iberia in Spain and Portugal through its agreement with A+E Networks, owner of History. the channel had a feed in Spanish and another in Portuguese and it co-produced local history programming, including Combatentes do Ultramar (2003), Overseas fighters dedicated to the Portuguese colonial war. It split into two sister channels for each country and the Portuguese version of História became available in Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique.


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