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History of the Jews in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Jews
יהדות אזרבייג'ן
Azərbaycan yəhudiləri
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Total population
Hebrew, Judeo-Tat, Azerbaijani, Russian.
Related ethnic groups
Mountain Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Georgian Jews.

History of the Jews in Azerbaijan dates back to Late Antiquity.


Historically Jews in Azerbaijan have been represented by various subgroups, mainly Mountain Jews, Ashkenazi Jews and Georgian Jews. Azerbaijan at one point was or still is home to smaller communities of Krymchaks, Kurdish Jews and Bukharian Jews, as well Gers (converts) and non-Jewish Judaistic groups like Subbotniks. In 2002, the total number of Jewish residents in Azerbaijan was 8,900 people with about 5,500 of them being Mountain Jews.[2] A few more thousand descend from mixed families.[3] In 2010, the total Jewish population in Azerbaijan was 6,400.[4] Jews mainly reside in the cities of Baku, Sumqayit, Quba, Oğuz, Goychay and the town of Qırmızı Qəsəbə, the only town in the world where Mountain Jews constitute the majority. Historically, Jews used to live in and around the city of Shamakhi (mainly in the village of Mücü), but the community has been non-existent since the early 1920s.[3]