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History of the Jews in Belarus

Belarusian Jews
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Regions with significant populations
23x15px Belarus 12,926 (2009)-70,000 (2014)[1]
Template:Country data Israel 78,859 Belarusian immigrants to Israel (in the years 1989-2013)[2]
Hebrew, Russian, Belarusian, and Yiddish
Judaism, Atheism
Related ethnic groups
Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Russian Jews, Ukrainian Jews, Lithuanian Jews, Polish Jews

The Jews in Belarus were the third largest ethnic group in the country in the first half of the 20th century. Before World War II, Jews were the third among the ethnic groups in Belarus and comprised more than 40% of the population in cities and towns. The population of cities such as Minsk, Pinsk, Mahiliou, Babrujsk, Viciebsk, and Homiel was more than 50% Jewish. In 1897 there were 724,548 Jews in Belarus, i.e. 13.6% of the total population.[citation needed] Some 800,000 Jews—90% of the Jewish population—were killed in Belarus during the Holocaust.[3] According to the 2009 census, there were 12,926 Jews in Belarus (0.1% of the population).[4] The Jewish Agency estimates the community of Jews in Belarus at 20,000.

Marc Chagall, Mendele Mocher Sforim, Chaim Weizmann and Menachem Begin were born in Belarus.

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