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Hong Kong Open (tennis)

Hong Kong Tennis Open
Tournament information
Location Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Venue Victoria Park, Causeway Bay
Category WTA International Tournaments
Surface Hard / Outdoors
Draw 32 Singles /16 Doubles / 24 Qualifying
Prize money $250,000
Website Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open
</tr></tr></tr></tr></tr></tr></table> The Hong Kong Open, (currently sponsored by Prudential and called the Hong Kong Tennis Open), is a WTA International Tier tennis tournament that will resume from September 8 -14, 2014 in Hong Kong.

Title Sponsorship

On July 3 2014, it was announced that Prudential Hong Kong will become the tournament's title sponsor to mark the return of elite women’s professional tennis to Hong Kong after two decades. The Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014 took place at the Victoria Park Tennis Stadium from 8-14 September. There competed doubles pair Peng Shuai of China and Hsieh Su Wei of Taiwan and Wimbledon finalist Sabine Lisicki

Officially sanctioned by the WTA and organized by the Hong Kong Tennis Association, the Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open will offer a unique sporting lifestyle experience including a tournament village presented by SAVOUR, billed as one of the world’s best food festivals by CNNTravel. The SAVOUR tournament village will feature signature dishes from some of Hong Kong’s top restaurants, who will be joined by renowned chefs from Singapore and the United Kingdom. Visitors can expect complimentary celebrity chef masterclasses, wine workshops, tastings and demonstrations conducted by renowned experts.


The Hong Kong Open (also known as the Salem Open[1]) was also previously a men's tennis tournament that was held in Hong Kong on the Grand Prix tour from (1973–1987) and the ATP Tour from (1990–2002). Players competed in the Victoria Park Tennis Centre, on outdoor hard courts. Michael Chang held the record number of wins with three titles.

In 2001, as with legislation restricting tobacco sponsorship, organisers controversially altered its official logo to include the logo of Perrier, causing anti-smoking campaigners to claim that the organisers exploited a loophole in its sponsorship clause.[2]

The men's tournament was replaced in 2003 by the Thailand Open.

A women's competition was also held in Hong Kong briefly, from 1980-1982; and then once more in 1993, as a Tier IV event on the WTA Tour. Wendy Turnbull won two titles in this competition. Hong Kong Tennis Open will again be held as a women's tour calendar in 2014 as a result of the relocation of an International event to Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur in Week 37 of the season, starting in 2014.[3]


Women's singles

Hong Kong Open</th></tr>
Defunct tennis tournament</th></tr>
Event name</th> Salem Open
Tour</th> ATP Tour (1990–2002)
Grand Prix circuit (1973–1987)
Founded</th> 1973 (1973)
Abolished</th> 2002
Location</th> Hong Kong
Surface</th> Hard (1973–2002)
Year Champion Runner-up Score
2014 23x15px Sabine Lisicki 23x15px Karolína Plíšková 7–5, 6–3
1994–2013 not held
1993 23x15px Wang Shi-ting 23x15px Marianne Witmeyer 6–4, 3–6, 7–5
1983–1992 not held
1982 23x15px Catrin Jexell 23x15px Alycia Moulton 6–3, 7–5
1981 23x15px Wendy Turnbull 23x15px Sabina Simmonds 6–3, 6–4
1980 23x15px Wendy Turnbull 23x15px Marcie Louie 6–0, 6–2

Women's doubles

Year Champions Runners-up Score
2014 23x15px Karolína Plíšková
23x15px Kristýna Plíšková
23x15px Patricia Mayr-Achleitner
23x15px Arina Rodionova
6–2, 2–6, [12–10]
1994–2013 Not held
1993 23x15px Karin Kschwendt
23x15px Rachel McQuillan
23x15px Debbie Graham
23x15px Marianne Witmeyer
1–6, 7–6(4), 6–2
1983–1992 Not held
1982 23x15px Alycia Moulton
23x15px Laura DuPont
23x15px Yvonne Vermaak
23x15px Jennifer Mundel-Reinbold
6–2, 4–6, 7–5
1981 23x15px Ann Kiyomura
23x15px Sharon Walsh
23x15px Anne Hobbs
23x15px Susan Leo
6–3, 6–4
1980 23x15px Wendy Turnbull
23x15px Sharon Walsh
23x15px Silvana Urroz
23x15px Penny Johnson
6–1, 6–2

Men's singles

Year Champion Runner-up Score
2002 23x15px Juan Carlos Ferrero 23x15px Carlos Moyà 6–3, 1–6, 7–6(4)
2001 23x15px Marcelo Ríos 23x15px Rainer Schüttler 7–6(3), 6–2
2000 23x15px Nicolas Kiefer 23x15px Mark Philippoussis 7–6(4), 2–6, 6–2
1999 23x15px Andre Agassi 23x15px Boris Becker 6–7(4), 6–4, 6–4
1998 23x15px Kenneth Carlsen 23x15px Byron Black 6–2, 6–0
1997 23x15px Michael Chang 23x15px Pat Rafter 6–3, 6–3
1996 23x15px Pete Sampras 23x15px Michael Chang 6–4, 3–6, 6–4
1995 23x15px Michael Chang 23x15px Jonas Björkman 6–3, 6–1
1994 23x15px Michael Chang 23x15px Pat Rafter 6–1, 6–3
1993 23x15px Pete Sampras 23x15px Jim Courier 6–3, 6–7(1), 7–6(2)
1992 23x15px Jim Courier 23x15px Michael Chang 7–5, 6–3
1991 23x15px Richard Krajicek 23x15px Wally Masur 6–2, 3–6, 6–3
1990 23x15px Pat Cash 23x15px Alex Antonitsch 6–3, 6–4
1988–89 Not held
1987 23x15px Eliot Teltscher 23x15px John Fitzgerald 6–7, 3–6, 6–1, 6–2, 7–5
1986 Template:Country data IND Ramesh Krishnan 23x15px Andrés Gómez 7–6, 6–0, 7–5
1985 23x15px Andrés Gómez 23x15px Aaron Krickstein 6–3, 6–3, 3–6, 6–4
1984 23x15px Andrés Gómez 23x15px Tomáš Šmíd 6–3, 6–2
1983 23x15px Wally Masur 23x15px Sammy Giammalva Jr. 6–1, 6–1
1982 23x15px Pat Du Pré 23x15px Morris Skip Strode 6–3, 6–3
1981 23x15px Van Winitsky 23x15px Mark Edmondson 6–4, 6–7, 6–4
1980 23x15px Ivan Lendl 23x15px Brian Teacher 5–7, 7–6, 6–3
1979 23x15px Jimmy Connors 23x15px Pat Du Pré 7–5, 6–3, 6–1
1978 23x15px Eliot Teltscher 23x15px Pat Du Pré 6–4, 6–3, 6–2
1977 23x15px Ken Rosewall 23x15px Tom Gorman 6–3, 5–7, 6–4, 6–4
1976 23x15px Ken Rosewall 23x15px Ilie Năstase 1–6, 6–4, 7–6, 6–0
1975 23x15px Tom Gorman 23x15px Sandy Mayer 6–3, 6–1, 6–1
1974 Not held
1973 23x15px Rod Laver 23x15px Charlie Pasarell 6–3, 3–6, 6–2, 6–2

Men's Doubles

Year Champions Runners-up Score
2002 23x15px Jan-Michael Gambill
23x15px Graydon Oliver
23x15px Wayne Arthurs
23x15px Andrew Kratzmann
6–7, 6–4, 7–6
2001 23x15px Karsten Braasch
23x15px André Sá
23x15px Petr Luxa
23x15px Radek Štěpánek
6–0, 7–5
2000 23x15px Wayne Black
23x15px Kevin Ullyett
23x15px Dominik Hrbatý
23x15px David Prinosil
6–1, 6–2
1999 23x15px James Greenhalgh
23x15px Grant Silcock
23x15px Andre Agassi
23x15px David Wheaton
1998 23x15px Byron Black
23x15px Alex O'Brien
23x15px Neville Godwin
23x15px Tuomas Ketola
7–5, 6–1
1997 23x15px Martin Damm
23x15px Daniel Vacek
23x15px Karsten Braasch
23x15px Jeff Tarango
6–3, 6–4
1996 23x15px Patrick Galbraith
23x15px Andrei Olhovskiy
23x15px Kent Kinnear
23x15px Dave Randall
6–3, 6–7, 7–6
1995 23x15px Tommy Ho
23x15px Mark Philippoussis
23x16px Jakob Hlasek
23x15px Patrick McEnroe
6–1, 6–7, 7–6
1994 23x15px Jim Grabb
23x15px Brett Steven
23x15px Jonas Björkman
23x15px Patrick Rafter
1993 23x15px David Wheaton
23x15px Todd Woodbridge
23x15px Sandon Stolle
23x15px Jason Stoltenberg
6–1, 6–3
1992 23x15px Brad Gilbert
23x15px Jim Grabb
23x15px Byron Black
23x15px Byron Talbot
6–2, 6–1
1991 23x15px Patrick Galbraith
23x15px Todd Witsken
23x15px Glenn Michibata
23x15px Robert Van't Hof
6–2, 6–4
1990 23x15px Pat Cash
23x15px Wally Masur
23x15px Kevin Curren
23x15px Joey Rive
6–3, 6–3
1988–89 Not held
1987 23x15px Mark Kratzmann
23x15px Jim Pugh
23x15px Marty Davis
23x15px Brad Drewett
6–7, 6–4, 6–2
1986 23x15px Mike De Palmer
23x15px Gary Donnelly
23x15px Pat Cash
23x15px Mark Kratzmann
7–6, 6–7, 7–5
1985 23x15px Brad Drewett
23x15px Kim Warwick
23x16px Jakob Hlasek
23x15px Tomáš Šmíd
3–6, 6–4, 6–2
1984 23x15px Ken Flach
23x15px Robert Seguso
23x15px Mark Edmondson
23x15px Paul McNamee
6–7, 6–3, 7–5
1983 23x15px Drew Gitlin
23x15px Craig Miller
23x15px Sammy Giammalva Jr.
23x15px Steve Meister
6–2, 6–2
1982 23x15px Charles Buzz Strode
23x15px Morris Skip Strode
23x15px Kim Warwick
23x15px Van Winitsky
6–4, 3–6, 6–2
1981 23x15px Chris Dunk
23x15px Chris Mayotte
23x15px Marty Davis
23x15px Brad Drewett
6–4, 7–6
1980 23x15px Peter Fleming
23x15px Ferdi Taygan
23x15px Bruce Manson
23x15px Brian Teacher
7–5, 6–2
1979 23x15px Pat Du Pré
23x15px Robert Lutz
23x15px Steve Denton
23x15px Mark Turpin
6–3, 6–4
1978 23x15px Mark Edmondson
23x15px John Marks
23x15px Hank Pfister
23x15px Brad Rowe
5–7, 7–6, 6–1
1977 23x15px Syd Ball
23x15px Kim Warwick
23x15px Marty Riessen
23x15px Roscoe Tanner
7–6, 6–3
1976 23x15px Hank Pfister
23x15px Butch Walts
Template:Country data IND Anand Amritraj
23x15px Ilie Năstase
6–4, 6–2
1975 23x15px Tom Okker
23x15px Ken Rosewall
23x15px Bob Carmichael
23x15px Sandy Mayer
6–3, 6–4
1974 Not held
1973 23x15px Colin Dibley
23x15px Rod Laver
23x15px Paul Gerken
23x15px Brian Gottfried
6–3, 5–7, 17–15


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