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House of Asturias

House of Asturias is the name of an Iberian ruling family (also known as Astur-Leonese Dynasty or Cantabrian-Pelagian Dynasty). Its members reigned in Asturias, León and Galicia from the 8th to the 11th century. The series of rulers starts with Pelagius of Asturias who was elected king in 718 and ends with Bermudo III of León, defeated and killed in 1037 in the Battle of Tamarón against his brother-in-law Ferdinand of Castile, who inherited the crown through his wife Sancha of León and so introduced the Jiménez dynasty in León.

File:Dinastia Astur-Leonesa.jpg
Kings of the House of Asturias who reigned in Asturias(blue) and León(bright orange). Rulers in Castile are shown in pale orange


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