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i-Tree is a collection of software programs for urban forestry. It offers software for valuing regional forest based on basic ecosystem services, as well as sharing research and information on the benefits of urban trees, and support for planning future tree growth.


A version of the software called Urban Forest Effects Model (UFORE) was launched in 2006. It was originally a field data survey of plots to simulate taking an inventory of an urban forest. The current version of i-Tree allows for several sources of data to be used, such as National Land Cover Data, Google Maps, and field data. Some versions allow for air pollution and meteorology data as well.

The current version uses groundwater capture, energy savings, air pollution benefits, carbon sequestration, homeowner value, and pest detection.

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Researchers using i-Tree have examined:

  • The benefits of urban trees[1]
  • Selecting the best tree planting locations[2]
  • Storm damage to urban forests[3]
  • Potential bird habitats[4]



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