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SymbolsIL18RAP ; ACPL; CD218b; CDw218b; IL-18R-beta; IL-18RAcP; IL-18Rbeta; IL-1R-7; IL-1R7; IL-1RAcPL; IL18RB
External IDsOMIM604509 MGI1338888 HomoloGene2859 GeneCards: IL18RAP Gene
RNA expression pattern
File:PBB GE IL18RAP 207072 at tn.png
More reference expression data
RefSeq (mRNA)NM_003853NM_010553
RefSeq (protein)NP_003844NP_034683
Location (UCSC)Chr 2:
103.04 – 103.07 Mb
Chr 1:
40.52 – 40.55 Mb
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Interleukin 18 receptor accessory protein, also known as IL18RAP and CDw218b (cluster of differentiation w218b), is a human gene.[1][2]


The protein encoded by this gene is an accessory subunit of the heterodimeric receptor for IL18. This protein enhances the IL18 binding activity of IL18R1 (IL1RRP), a ligand binding subunit of IL18 receptor. The coexpression of IL18R1 and this protein is required for the activation of NF-κB and MAPK8 (JNK) in response to IL18.[1]

Disease association

Variants at IL18RAP have been linked to susceptibility to Coeliac disease.[3]

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