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ISO 14644-3

ISO 14644, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments — Part 3: Test Methods, is a highly referenced ISO document, helped developed by the Secretariat of ISO Technical Committee 209, IEST.[1]

ISO 14644-3 specifies test methods for designated classification of airborne particulate cleanliness and for characterizing the performance of cleanrooms and clean zones. These test methods are specified in the document for two different types of cleanrooms and clean zones; unidirectional flow and nonunidirectional flow.[1]

The most important objectives of this document are to provide an internationally common basis of measurement and evaluation of cleanrooms and, at the same time, not to prevent the introduction of new technologies.[1]

See also

  • ISO 14644 — standard for Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Classes in Cleanrooms and Clean Zones


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