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Developer Leif Salomonsson
Full name IceFileSystem
Partition identifier 0x49434502
Max. volume size <2 TB
Max. filename length 107(255) characters
Supported operating systems MorphOS

The IceFileSystem (IceFS) is a 64-bit journaling filesystem written in E for MorphOS. The design prioritises reliability, scalability, efficiency and speed. A keyfile is no longer required since version 2.8 when IceFS was released as freeware.


  • Extent based space and file data layout.
  • Main space allocator is based on the TLSF algorithm, adapted for on-disk storage.
  • All metadata except extent headers are located in special extents called pools and use a local bitmap to keep track of free meta space. Metadata is very compact.
  • Implementation uses two level caching (sector + metadata).
  • Implementation supports preallocation to minimize fragmentation (and increase speed) when several files are concurrently written to.
  • Was originally supposed to have a tree-like lookup mechanism for directory entries, but this was reverted to a simple hash table for the 2.x version because the implementation was not finished.
Leif Salomonsson, developer


File:Icefs tools.png
MorphOS Tools drawer containing the IceFileSystem MUI tools

The following command line and graphical MUI tools are included with IceFS:

  • FSFormat - Generic formatting application (MUI)
  • IceConfig - IceFS configuration application (MUI)
  • IceInfo - Displays locks and notifys on IceFS volumes (MUI)
  • IceCheck - Check integrity of on-disk layout (CLI)
  • LogFileCtrl - Create and change size of logfiles (CLI)
  • IceSalv - Simple file salvage tool (CLI)
  • ShowLinks - Lists hard and soft links (CLI)

IceDoctor, a commercial tool for data recovery is also available from the developer.

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