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Ice Hockey European Championships

This article is about the IIHF European Men's Ice Hockey Championships for nations. For the women's, see IIHF European Women Championships. For the various men's club championships, see European Cup (ice hockey). For the women's club championships, see IIHF European Women's Champions Cup.

The Ice Hockey European Championship was an annual ice hockey tournament for European countries associated to the International Ice Hockey Federation. Independent championship tournaments were organized between 1910 and 1927, and European Championships medals were awarded to the European participants of the World Championships until 1991. There were independent championships again in 1929 and 1932, and no European (or World) Champion awarded in the olympic years 1980, 1984, and 1988.[1]


Year Gold Silver Bronze Venue
1910 23x15px Great Britain 23x15px Germany 23x15px Belgium 23x16px Les Avants, Switzerland
1911 23x15px Bohemia 23x15px Germany 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Berlin, Germany
1912 Annulled 23x15px Prague, Austria-Hungary
1913 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Bohemia 23x15px Germany 23x15px Munich, Germany
1914 23x15px Bohemia 23x15px Germany 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Berlin, Germany
No Championships 1915-1920 (World War I)
1921 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Stockholm, Sweden
1922 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden 23x16px  Switzerland 23x16px St. Moritz, Switzerland
1923 23x15px Sweden 23x15px France 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Antwerp, Belgium
1924 23x15px France 23x15px Sweden 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Milan, Italy
1925 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Austria 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Štrbské Pleso / Starý Smokovec, Czechoslovakia
1926 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Austria 23x16px Davos, Switzerland
1927 23x15px Austria 23x15px Belgium 23x15px Germany 23x15px Vienna, Austria
1929 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Poland 23x15px Austria 23x15px Budapest, Hungary
1932 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Austria 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Berlin, Germany


  • Prague 1912: Championship annulled because Austria was not a member of the IIHF at the time of the competition. (1.Bohemia, 2.Germany, 3.Austria)
  • Berlin 1932 was the last separate IIHF European Championship event.
  • European Championships medals were awarded to the European participants of the IIHF World Championships until 1991.

European Medalists from combined events

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1928 23x15px Sweden 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Great Britain
1930 23x15px Germany 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Austria
1931 23x15px Austria 23x15px Poland 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1933 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Austria 23x15px Germany
23x16px  Switzerland
1934 23x15px Germany 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1935 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Great Britain 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1936 23x15px Great Britain 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Germany
1937 23x15px Great Britain 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Germany
1938 23x15px Great Britain 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Germany
1939 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Germany
1947 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Austria
1948 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Sweden
1949 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden 23x16px  Switzerland
1950 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Great Britain 23x15px Sweden
1951 23x15px Sweden 23x16px  Switzerland 23x15px Norway
1952 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x16px  Switzerland
1953 23x15px Sweden 23x15px West Germany 23x16px  Switzerland
1954 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1955 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1956 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1957 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1958 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1959 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1960 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1961 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden
1962 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Finland 23x15px Norway
1963 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1964 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1965 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1966 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px East Germany
1967 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1968 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1969 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1970 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1971 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden
1972 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden
1973 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1974 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1975 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1976 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Soviet Union
1977 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Soviet Union
1978 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1979 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1981 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1982 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1983 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1985 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Finland
1986 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Finland
1987 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Finland
1989 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia 23x15px Sweden
1990 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Czechoslovakia
1991 23x15px Soviet Union 23x15px Sweden 23x15px Finland


  • from 1982 until 1991 only first round games were used for the European rankings.
  • in 1972 and 1976 there was a world tournament separate from the olympics.

Medal table

# Team Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 23x15px Soviet Union 27 5 2 34
2 Bohemia / Czechoslovakia 14 22 16 52
23x15px Bohemia 2 1 0 3
23x15px Czechoslovakia 12 21 16 49
3 23x15px Sweden 10 18 17 45
4 23x16px  Switzerland 4 6 8 18
5 23x15px Great Britain 4 2 1 7
6 Germany / West Germany 2 3 7 12
23x15px Germany 2 2 7 11
23x15px West Germany 0 1 0 1
7 23x15px Austria 2 3 4 9
8 23x15px Belgium 1 1 3 5
9 23x15px France 1 1 0 2
10 23x15px Poland 0 2 0 2
11 23x15px Finland 0 1 4 5
12 23x15px Norway 0 0 2 2
13 23x15px East Germany 0 0 1 1


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