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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
In story information
Type Planet
Notable people Shrinking Violet
Micro Lad
Notable races Imskians

Imsk is a fictional planet in the 30th century DC Universe. It is the homeworld of Legionnaire Shrinking Violet, as well as villain Micro Lad.


All Imskians have the ability to shrink, as far as microscopic size. As such Imsk's factories are particularly useful in the construction of micro-circuitry.

Imsk has often been at odds with the United Planets over its claimed territory in its sector of space.

v4 Legion

After the economic collapse of the United Planets, Imsk fought a war with Braal, whose native all possess magnetic abilities. Imsk won the war when they deployed a weapon that turned the Braalian magnetic fields against them, causing them to explode. Cosmic Boy, who was affected partially by one of these weapons, lost all his magnetic abilities. Shrinking Violet, who had fought in the war, was imprisoned after she protested the use of this weapon.


Following the second reboot of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Imskians live in a globe on the desk of Brainiac 5, who saved the civilization from an undisclosed threat. It is not clear if they shrink naturally, as in earlier continuities, or if Brainiac's rescue involved the same technology used by his ancestor to shrink Kandor.

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