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Infectious disease (medical specialty)

</tr></table> Infectious disease is a medical specialty dealing with the control and treatment of infections. An infectious disease (ID) specialist's practice may consist largely of managing nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections, or it may be out-patient based, in which case it focuses more on community-acquired infections. ID is historically associated with travel medicine and tropical medicine, as many diseases acquired in tropical and subtropical areas are infective in nature.[1] ID specialists typically serve as consultants in cases of complex infections or immunologic issues, and often manage patients with HIV/AIDS and other forms of immunodeficiency.[2][3] In the US, ID is a subspecialty of internal medicine or pediatrics[4] (i.e., an internist or pediatrician trains for an additional 1-2 years as a medical fellow to qualify as an ID specialist and sit for the ID boards).


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Infectious disease
Significant diseases Infections, HIV/AIDS, Pneumonia, Osteomyelitis, Tuberculosis
Significant tests</div></th> Indium-111 WBC scan, Blood culture