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info (Unix)

Stable release 5.2
Written in C
Operating system GNU
Type Documentation Viewer
License GNU General Public License

Info is a software utility which forms a hypertextual, multipage documentation and help viewer working on a command line interface, useful when there is no GUI available.

Info allows to read info files, which are files in a special format info generated by texinfo program from a Texinfo source, and presents the documentation as a tree, with simple commands to traverse the tree and to follow cross references. For instance

  • n goes to the next page.
  • p goes to the previous page.
  • u goes to the upper page.
  • l goes to the last visited node
  • Moving the cursor over a link (a word preceded by a * ) and pressing the enter key follows a cross reference.

The C implementation of info was designed as the main documentation system of GNU based Operating Systems and was then ported to other Unix-like operating systems. However, info files had already been in use on ITS emacs.

List of Info readers

  • info
  • pinfo
  • tkman
  • tkinfo
  • khelpcenter (click "Browse Info Pages")
  • emacs
  • vinfo (Vim help-files fashioned reading)

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