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Interleukin-13 receptor

interleukin 13 receptor, alpha 1
Symbol IL13RA1
Alt. symbols IL-13Ra, NR4, CD213a1
Entrez 3597
HUGO 5974
OMIM 300119
RefSeq NM_001560
UniProt P78552
Other data
Locus Chr. X q24
interleukin 13 receptor, alpha 2
Symbol IL13RA2
Alt. symbols IL-13R, IL13BP, CD213a2
Entrez 3598
HUGO 5975
OMIM 300130
RefSeq NM_000640
UniProt Q14627
Other data
Locus Chr. X q13.1-q28
interleukin 4 receptor
Symbol IL4R
Alt. symbols IL4RA; CD124
Entrez 3566
HUGO 6015
OMIM 147781
RefSeq NM_000418
UniProt Q9H186
Other data
Locus Chr. 16 p12.1-11.2

The interleukin-13 receptor is a type I cytokine receptor, binding Interleukin-13. It consists of two subunits, encoded by IL13RA1 and IL4R, respectively.[1][2] These two genes encode the proteins IL-13Rα1 and IL-4Rα. These form a dimer with IL-13 binding to the IL-13Rα1 chain and IL-4Rα stabilises this interaction. This IL-13 receptor can also instigate IL-4 signalling. In both cases this occurs via activation of the Janus kinase (JAK)/Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription (STAT) pathway, resulting in phosphorylation of STAT6. Phosphorylated STAT6 dimerises and acts as a transcription factor activating many genes, such as eotaxin.[citation needed]

There is also another receptor that can bind IL-13: IL-13Rα2 encoded by the IL13RA2 gene. This binds IL-13 with very high affinity (and can therefore sequester it) but does not allow IL-4 binding. It acts as a negative regulator of both IL-13 and IL-4, however the mechanism of this is still undetermined.[3]


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