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International Festival of Peace Poetry

The International Festival of Peace Poetry (Persian: جشنواره بین المللی شعر صلح‎) is an international festival held biannually in Iran.[1] The first Peace Poetry Festival was held in Tehran on May 16, 2007,[2] with poets from sixteen different countries participating, and the second Festival was held on May 16, 2009.[3]

Peace Poetry Festival is the brainchild of Ms Rira Abbasi,[4] Iranian author and poet.[5] The organization of the Festival is supported solely by the donations of individuals and sponsorships of non-governmental organizations and relies on no state subsidy.[6] The charter of the festival states that:[7] "Poetry for peace is affiliated to humanity, regardless of race, religion, sex and geography."

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  1. ^ From a short report in Tehran Times of 8 May 2008 [1] one infers that the Festival is organized by "Rira Abi Institute". The word Abi may either be a spelling error or an abbreviation of Abbasi. Remarkably, Tehran Times gives "May 15, 2009", to be contrasted with May 16, 2009, as the date for the second Festival to be held in Tehran.
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