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International Korfball Federation

The International Korfball Federation (IKF) was founded in Antwerp, Belgium on 11 June 1933 as a continuation of the International Korfball Bureau established in 1924 by the Dutch and Belgian Associations. The headquarters is in Zeist (Netherlands).

The IKF was officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1993 and is affiliated to SportAccord, the Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF) and the International World Games Association (IWGA).

The IKF aims to spread korfball around the globe and increase the level of play in the affiliated countries.The IKF has currently 64 member countries. It provides the affiliated countries via five Continental Confederations (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania) with financial, material, and structural support to achieve the goals. It has established a network of contacts in many countries and IKF actively promotes the game by transferring knowledge internationally by exchange programs and inviting selected korfball players, coaches, and administrators to its training courses in order to assist in the creation of a stable local organization and structure in all the affiliated countries on which a flourishing korfball organization can be built.


There are currently 64 members of the International Korfball Federation

Country Member Year[1] National team Web site
Argentina Comité Argentino de Korfball 2007 Argentina website
Armenia Korfball Federation of Armenia (KFA) 1990 Armenia website
Aruba Korfball Bond Aruba (KBA) 1982 Aruba
Australia Korfball Australia (KA) 1978 Australia website
Belarus Belarus Korfball Federation (BKF) Belarus
Belgium Koninklijke Belgische Korfbalbond (KBKB) 1933 Belgium website
Bosnia-Herzegovina Korfball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (KFBH) 2001 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Botswana Korfball Association Botswana Botswana
Brazil Korfball Federation of Brazil (KFB) 2003 Brazil website
Bonaire Bonairiaanse Korfbalbond (BKB) Bonaire
Bulgaria Bulgarian Federation Korfball and Intercrosse 2005 Bulgaria
Canada Manitoba Korfball Association (MKA) Canada
Catalonia Federació Catalana de Korfbal (FCK) 1997 Catalonia website
People's Republic of China Korfball Promotion Committee of China (KCCP) 2006 China
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei Korfball Association (CTKA) 1985 Chinese Taipei website
Croatia Croatian Korfball Federation Croatia
Costa Rica Costa Rica Korfball Association (CRKA) 2014 Coasta Rica
Curaçao Curaçaose Korfbalbond (CKB) 1986 Curaçao
Cyprus Cyprus Korfball Federation (CKF) 1995 Cyprus
Czech Republic Czech Korfball Association (CKA) 1989 Czech Republic website
Denmark Danish Korfball Committee Denmark website
Dominica Dominican Korfball Federation (MKA) 2007 Dominican Republic
England English Korfball Association (EKA) 1946 England website
Finland Finnish Korfball Committee (FKC) 1992 Finland
France UFOLEP National Korfball Committee France website
Georgia Georgian Korfball Federation 2003 Georgia
Germany Deutscher Turner Bund e.V (DTB) 1964 Germany website
Ghana Ghana Korfball Federation (GKf) Ghana
Greece Hellenic Korfball & Ball-Sports Federation (HKBSF) 2003 Greece website
Hong Kong Hong Kong China Korfball Association (HKCKA) 1988 Hong Kong China website
Hungary Hungarian Korfball Association (HKA) 1991 Hungary website
India Korfball Federation of India (KFI) 1980 India website
Indonesia Persatuan Korfball Seluruh Indonesia (PKSI) 1984 Indonesia
Ireland Irish Korfball Association 2007 Ireland
Italy Federazione Italiana Korfball (FIK) 2003 Italy website
Japan Japan Korfball Association (JKA) 1990 Japan
South Korea Korea Korfball Federation (KKA) 2006 Korea
Luxembourg Federation Luxembourgeoise du Korfball (FLKB) 1976 Luxembourg website
Macau, China Macau Korfball Association (MKA) 2000 Macau China
Malawi 1964 Korfball Association (MKA) 2006 Malawi
Malaysia Malaysian Korfball Association (MKA) 2007 Malaysia
Mongolia Mongolian Korfball Federation 2010 Mongolia
Nepal Korfball Federation of Nepal(KFN) 2009 Nepal website
Netherlands Koninklijk Nederlands Korfbalverbond (KNKV) 1933 Netherlands website
New Zealand Korfball New Zealand (KNZI) 1998 New Zealand website
Pakistan Pakistan Korfball Federation 2008 Pakistan
Papua New Guinea Korfball Papua New Guinea Korfball Federation (PNGKF) 2013 Papua New Guinea
Philippines Philippine Korfball Federation (PKF) 2014 Philippines
Poland Polska Federacja Korfballu (PFK) 1988 Poland website
Portugal Federacao Portuguesa de Corfebol (FPC) 1987 Portugal website
Romania Romanian Korfball Association (RKA) 2003 Romania
Russia Russian Korfball Federation (RKF) 1997 Russia website
Scotland Scottish Korfball Association(SKA) 2006 Scotland website
Serbia Korfball Federation of Serbia 2005 Serbia
Singapore Singapore Korfball Federation (SKF) 2014 Singapore website
Slovakia Slovak Korfball Association (SAK) 1994 Slovakia
South Africa South African Korfball Federation (SAKF) 1993 South Africa website
Suriname Surinaamse Korfbalbond (SKB) 1971 Suriname
Sweden Svenska Korfballförbundet (SKF) 2002 Sweden website
Turkey Turkish Korfball Committee (TKC) 1997 Turkey website
Ukraine Ukrainean Korfball Association 2013 Ukraine website
United States United States Korfball Federation (USKF) 1978 United States website
Wales Welsh Korfball Association (WKA) 2006 Wales website
Zambia Korfball Federation of Zambia (KFZ) Zambia
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Korfball Federation (ZKF) 2005 Zimbabwe

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The International Korfball Federation has been lead by seven successive presidents. Until now, all of the presidents have been from the Netherlands.

Name Nationality From To
Nico Broekhuijsen Netherlands 1933 1946
S.A. Wilson Netherlands 1946 1954
H.J. Venema Netherlands 1954 1964
Herman Duns Netherlands 1964 1981
Dr Jo Roosenschoon Netherlands 1981 1988
Bob de Die Netherlands 1988 2003
Dr Jan C. Fransoo Netherlands 2003 incumbent

Notes and references

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