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Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1996

Eurovision Song Contest 1996
Country 23x15px Ireland
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 3 March 1996
Selected entrant Eimear Quinn
Selected song "The Voice"
Finals performance
Final result 1st, 162 points
Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Eimear Quinn represented Ireland in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest after winning the national selection contest, which was held on 3 March 1996 at the Point Theatre in Dublin. Hosted by Pat Kenny, the contest featured eight songs, with the winning song being selected by ten regional juries.[1]

Draw Song Performer Points Rank
1 "Gotta Know Right Now" Rob Burke Band 76 3rd
2 "Missing You" Dav McNamara 84 2nd
3 "Once Again" William Byrne & Lorraine Nolan 61 5th
4 "The Voice" Eimear Quinn 105 1st
5 "This Time" Marion Fossett 40 8th
6 "Find My Way" Yvonne Holmes 73 4th
7 "Amhrán an Ronnach" Seán Monaghan 61 5th
8 "Worlds Apart" Maura Donaghy 50 7th

As part of the EBU's scheme to limit the growing number of countries wishing to participate, audio recordings of the entries were sent to juries in each participating country some weeks before the contest. The juries listened to the songs, and awarded points to their ten favorites. Of the 29 countries wishing to participate (host country Norway was exempt from the process), only the 22 highest-scorers were allowed to perform in the contest. In this pre-qualifying round, "The Voice" came in 2nd place with 187 points, and confirmed an Irish presence in Oslo that year.

Quinn performed 17th in the running order on the night of the contest. "The Voice" went on to win with 162 points, giving Ireland its seventh overall victory, and its fourth in five years.

At Eurovision

Points Awarded to Ireland

Points Awarded to Ireland[2]
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points Awarded by Ireland[2]

12 points 23x15px Sweden
10 points Template:Country data ISL
8 points 23x15px Austria
7 points 23x15px Norway
6 points 23x15px Croatia
5 points 23x15px Netherlands
4 points 23x16px  Switzerland
3 points 23x15px United Kingdom
2 points 23x15px Estonia
1 point 23x15px Cyprus


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