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Irenopolis, Isauria

Irenopolis (Greek: Ειρηνούπολις) was an ancient and medieval city in Isauria.

Five of its bishops are known:

  • John (325)
  • Menodorus (451)
  • Paul (458)
  • George (692)
  • Euschemon (878).

The city is mentioned by Hierocles in the sixth century and George of Cyprus in the seventh. It figures in the Notitia Episcopatuum of Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch in the sixth century, and in the Nova Tactica of the tenth century, as attached to the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

At this period, the Byzantine emperors had taken the province of Isauria from the Patriarchate of Antioch. W. M. Ramsay,[1] following John Sterrett, identifies Irenopolis with Irnebol, of which he does not indicate the exact situation.

Coins found bearing the name Irenopolis belong rather to a city of the same name located in Cilicia, the ancient Neronias, some of whose bishops are also known.

The 9th-century monk and saint Gregory of Decapolis was born in the city.


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