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"Walang Pikunan, Ispup Onli"
Created by Associated Broadcasting Company
Opening theme Soul Bossa Nova
Country of origin Philippines
Running time 1 hour
Original channel ABC/TV5
Original release March 20, 1999 – March 27, 2004

Ispup (English: Spoof) was a sketch comedy show produced by ABC/TV5) which features parodies of several Philippine television shows and advertisements with actors impersonating political and notable personalities such as Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Cardinal Jaime Sin, among others. The show was originally aired on Saturdays, began on March 20, 1999 and moved to Fridays on November 23, 2001. The show, which replaced Tropang Trumpo, lasted until March 27, 2004.


Main cast

The Ispupniks


Before and after the show's duration a "disclaimer" was presented "a la Star Wars opening credits" stating that the spoofs were taken from television shows, commercials, and movies with permission, ending up as the show's tagline: "Walang pikunan, ispup onli." which roughly translate into "Nothing personal, it's only a spoof."

  • Alam Morena Clara- a parody of the telenovela Morena Clara
  • Balitang Ka!- a parody of Balitang K
  • The Cheapest Link- a parody of the Philippine version of the UK game show The Weakest Link, having Caloy Alde as Edu Mansanas and actors playing political figures as contestants.
  • Chugilita- a parody of the telenovela Chabelita portrayed by Rufa Mae Quinto
  • ‘Di Bati Sina Mards At Pards- a parody of the debate show Debate with Mare at Pare
  • Gay KNB?- a parody of ABS-CBN game show Game KNB? hosted by Ms. Kris Pepino (played by Candy Pangilinan)
  • Intrigador- a parody of GMA public affairs program Imbestigador
  • Kirira: Ano ang Kulay ng Pinipig?- a parody of TAPE Inc. and GMA's teledrama Kirara: Ano Ang Kulay ng Pag-ibig?
  • Knowless Power- a parody of the late Ernie Baron's Knowledge Power
  • Lagot Ka Kay Tolfu- a parody of Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo
  • Magpalakad-lakad man- a spoof anthology segment of GMA show Magpakailanman
  • Malala Na Kaya- a spoof anthology segment of ABS-CBN show Maalaala Mo Kaya hosted by Charing Todos Los Santos Conscious na Conscious (played by Jon Santos)
  • Mula Sa Pusa- a parody of ABS-CBN drama series Mula Sa Puso
  • No One Can Be A Millionaire?- a parody of the Philippine version of the UK game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, having Leo Martinez as Royet de Leon and actors playing political figures as contestants. Obviously, there was no million-peso winner as the segment title suggests. (Note: This parody was presented as a response of growing popularity of the game show in 2000. Only 6-7 years after the IBC version of "Millionaire's" last episode, a new format was launched in the same station (as TV5) with Vic Sotto as host.)
  • Oka-Toka-Doc- a cross-over parody of ABS-CBN comedy shows !Oka Tokat and Oki Doki Doc
  • Palso: Action Balita- a parody of ABS-CBN newscast Pulso: Aksyon Balita
  • Pangako Sa Yo Sa Puso Ko Iibigan Kita Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan- a cross-over parody of 3 ABS-CBN drama series
  • The Priest is Right- a parody of the Philippine version of the US game show The Price is Right, having Willie Nepomuceno as His Eminems Jaime Cardinal Sins and actors playing political figures as contestants.
  • Pulpol- a parody of a telemagazine Pipol
  • Rosalinta- a parody of Rosalinda played by Rufa Mae Quinto impersonating Thalía.
  • Taksil- a parody of GMA newscast Saksi
  • Usapang Monkey Business- a parody of ABS-CBN business show Usapang Business
  • Wrong Page: Ulat ni Mel Tiongke- a parody of the defunct GMA newscast from 1999 to 2004, Frontpage: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco
  • several commercial parodies

Lucky Me, a popular noodle brand, and Gilbey's Gin also sponsored spoof portions of this program with permission. As a result of growing popularity, Gilbey's Gin and Ispup made a promo for the best Gilbey's spoof in 2002.


  • Kurita Chances- from broadcaster Korina Sanchez, played by Rufa Mae Quinto
  • Royet de Leon- from Christopher De Leon, played by Leo Martinez
  • Mike Enrequiestas- from broadcaster Mike Enriquez, played by Leo Martinez. The surname may be a reference to the late comedian Rene Requiestas
  • Osang Enriques - from TV reporter Susan Enriquez
  • Sherap Entrada- from deposed Philippine president Joseph Estrada, played by Willie Nepomuceno, and later Jon Santos
  • Kirira- from Philippine drama Kirara, played by Candy Pangilinan
  • Senator Koren - from Senator Loren Legarda.
  • Cong. Manhik-Manaog- a character popularized by Leo Martinez, who used to be a co-star to Mr. Shooli (played by Jun Urbano) in Mongolian Barbecue, was reprised in Ispup through the Barangay Gaya-gaya segment
  • Edu Mansanas - from Edu Manzano, played by Caloy Alde.
  • Ches Melon- from broadcaster Ces Oreña-Drilon, played by Candy Pangilinan
  • Tita Cory Pepino - from the late former president Corazon Aquino.
  • Kris Pepino- from Kris Aquino, played by Rufa Mae Quinto, later replaced by Candy Pangilinan after Quinto left the show for Bubble Gang in 2001.
  • Ramon Revillame - from former action star and former senator Ramon Revilla. The surname may be a reference to Willie Revillame
  • Charing Todos Los Santos Conscious na Conscious- from TV executive Charo Santos-Concio, played by Jon Santos
  • David Semplang- from Battle of the Brains presentor and current ANC anchor David Celdran, played by Jon Santos
  • His Eminems Jaime Cardinal Sins - from the late Cardinal Jaime Sin.
  • Mel Tiongke- from broadcaster Mel Tiangco, played by Candy Pangilinan
  • Mayor Vi- from Star for all Seasons and current Batangas Governor Vilma Santos, played by Jon Santos


  • Ispup is a 1st spoof installment replacing Tropang Trumpo.
  • Wow Maling Mali is a 2nd spoof installment after Ispup until 2006.
  • Lokomoko is a spin-off of Wow Mali and is a 3rd spoof installment..

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