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Italian Communist Party

For the Italian communist party of the 1920s, see Communist Party of Italy.
Italian Communist Party
Partito Comunista Italiano
Secretaries Amadeo Bordiga
Antonio Gramsci
Palmiro Togliatti
Luigi Longo
Enrico Berlinguer
Alessandro Natta
Achille Occhetto
Founded 15 May 1943
Dissolved 3 February 1991
Preceded by Communist Party of Italy
Succeeded by Democratic Party of the Left
Headquarters Via delle Botteghe Oscure 4
Newspaper L'Unità
Youth wing Communist Youth Federation
Membership 989,708 (1991)
max: 2,252,446 (1947)[1]
Ideology Communism
Political position Left-wing
International affiliation Comintern (1921–43)
Cominform (1947–56)
European affiliation None
European Parliament group Communists and Allies (1973–1989), European United Left (1989–1991)
Colours      Red
Party flag
Politics of Italy
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