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J. G. Taylor Spink Award

For the identically named "J.G. Taylor Spink Award" given by Minor League Baseball and Topps to the "Topps/Minor League Player of the Year", see Topps#Awards.

The J. G. Taylor Spink Award is the highest award given by the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA). The award was instituted in

  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year and named after J. G. Taylor Spink, publisher of The Sporting News from 1914 to 1962, who was also the first recipient. The recipient does not have to be a member of the BBWAA, but every recipient from the award's inception through 2013 had been a BBWAA member at some time; the first recipient to have never have been a member was 2014 recipient Roger Angell.[1]

The Spink Award is presented at the induction festivities of the Baseball Hall of Fame in the year following the selection of the recipient. Through 2010, the award was presented during the actual induction ceremony; since then, it has been presented at the Hall of Fame Awards Presentation, held the day before the induction ceremony. In recent years, the Hall of Fame has announced the finalists for the award and final vote totals. Previously, the results were kept secret.

Winners are not considered to be members of the Hall. They are not "inducted" or "enshrined", but are permanently recognized in an exhibit at the Hall's library. For several years in the early 2000s, Spink Award honorees became life members of the Veterans Committee, which elects players whose eligibility for BBWAA consideration has ended, and is also the sole body that elects non-players for induction into the Hall. Starting with elections for induction in 2008, voting on the main Veterans Committee, which then selected only players whose careers began in 1943 or later, was restricted to Hall of Fame members. After further changes announced for the 2011 elections, Spink Award winners are eligible to serve on all three of the Veterans Committee voting bodies that consider candidates from different eras of baseball.

Among the well-known Spink Award winners are Fred Lieb, Shirley Povich, Jerome Holtzman, Ring Lardner, Sam Lacy, and Peter Gammons.

Recipients of the J. G. Taylor Spink Award

Note: For the years below — through 2006 — the year reflects when the recipient was announced; the award is formally presented the following year. In 2007, the BBWAA changed the year designation for the award to coincide with the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, i.e., the year after the award is announced. This makes it appear as though 2007 was skipped, though it was not.

Year Honoree Beat
1962 Spink, J. G. TaylorJ. G. Taylor Spink St. Louis
1963 Lardner, RingRing Lardner New York City
1964 Fullerton, HughHugh Fullerton New York City
1965 Dryden, CharlesCharles Dryden Chicago
1966 Rice, GrantlandGrantland Rice New York City
1967 Runyon, DamonDamon Runyon New York City
1968 Salsinger, H. G.H. G. Salsinger Detroit
1969 Mercer, SidSid Mercer New York City
1970 Broun, HeywoodHeywood Broun New York City
1971 Graham, FrankFrank Graham New York City
1972 Daniel, DanDan Daniel New York City
1972 Lieb, FredFred Lieb New York City
1972 Stockton, J. RoyJ. Roy Stockton St. Louis
1973 Brown, WarrenWarren Brown Chicago
1973 Drebinger, JohnJohn Drebinger New York City
1973 Kieran, John F.John F. Kieran New York City
1974 Carmichael, JohnJohn Carmichael Chicago
1974 Isaminger, JamesJames Isaminger Philadelphia
1975 Meany, TomTom Meany New York City
1975 Povich, ShirleyShirley Povich Washington, D.C.
1976 Kaese, HaroldHarold Kaese Boston
1976 Smith, RedRed Smith New York City
1977 Cobbledick, GordonGordon Cobbledick Cleveland
1977 Munzel, EdgarEdgar Munzel Chicago
1978 Murnane, TimTim Murnane Boston
1978 Young, DickDick Young New York City
1979 Broeg, BobBob Broeg St. Louis
1979 Holmes, TommyTommy Holmes New York City
1980 Reichler, JoeJoe Reichler New York City
1980 Richman, MiltonMilton Richman New York City
1981 Lewis, AllenAllen Lewis Philadelphia
1981 Addie, BobBob Addie Washington, D.C.
1982 Burick, SiSi Burick Dayton, Ohio
1983 Smith, KenKen Smith New York City
1984 McGuff, JoeJoe McGuff Kansas City, Missouri
1985 Lawson, EarlEarl Lawson Cincinnati
1986 Lang, JackJack Lang New York City
1987 Murray, JimJim Murray Los Angeles
1988 Hunter, BobBob Hunter Los Angeles
1989 Kelly, RayRay Kelly Philadelphia
1989 Holtzman, JeromeJerome Holtzman Chicago
1990 Collier, PhilPhil Collier San Diego
1991 Collett, RitterRitter Collett Dayton, Ohio
1992 Koppett, LeonardLeonard Koppett New York City
1992 Saidt, BusBus Saidt Philadelphia
1993 Smith, WendellWendell Smith Pittsburgh
1994 (no award presented) n/a
1995 Durso, JoeJoe Durso New York City
1996 Feeney, CharleyCharley Feeney New York City
1997 Lacy, SamSam Lacy Washington, D.C.
1998 Stevens, BobBob Stevens San Francisco
1999 Lebovitz, HalHal Lebovitz Cleveland
2000 Newhan, RossRoss Newhan Los Angeles
2001 Falls, JoeJoe Falls Detroit
2002 McCoy, HalHal McCoy Dayton, Ohio
2003 Chass, MurrayMurray Chass New York City
2004 Gammons, PeterPeter Gammons Boston
2005 Ringolsby, TracyTracy Ringolsby Denver
2006 Hummel, RickRick Hummel St. Louis
2007 (see explanatory note at top of section) n/a
2008 Whiteside, LarryLarry Whiteside Boston
2009 Peters, NickNick Peters San Francisco
2010 Madden, BillBill Madden New York City
2011 Conlin, BillBill Conlin Philadelphia
2012 Elliott, BobBob Elliott Montreal/Toronto
2013 Hagen, PaulPaul Hagen Dallas–Fort Worth/Philadelphia
2014 Angell, RogerRoger Angell The New Yorker
2015 Tom Gage Detroit

Similarly named award

This award should not be confused with the identically named J.G. Taylor Spink Award, which is awarded to the Minor League Player of the Year by the Topps Company, in conjunction with Minor League Baseball.[2]

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