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Jainism in Mumbai

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Inner dome of the Jain temple at Walkeshwar, Mumbai

Mumbai has one of the largest populations of Jains amongst all the cities in India. Mumbai also has numerous Jain temples. One of the best known is the Babu Amichand Panalal Adishwarji Jain Temple, Walkeshwar (Malabar Hill).

There are two beautiful temples in Walkeshwar area one is Shri Mahaveer Swami Temple at Chandanbala Aprs and second is Shri Adinath temple ( Shripal Nagar) at Nepean Sea Road.

Jains are also some of the most prosperous communities in Mumbai and they have the highest literacy rate amongst other communities.


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The Godiji Parshwanath temple in Pydhonie is also famous. It is a center of many Jain activities. The white idol of Godi Parshwanatha was brought from an ancient temple at Hamirpur in Rajasthan. This temple was first constructed in the Fort region of Mumbai. During early nineteenth century, there was a great fire in Vikram in 1859. Many Jain families of the fort locality came to settle in the Pydhonie locality. In Vikram Samvat 1868 the present Jain temple was built.

Jainism in Maharashtra

Jainism has been present in Maharashtra since ancient times. The famous Ellora Caves demonstrate that Jainism was part of a thriving religious culture in Maharashtra in premodern times. The oldest inscription in Maharashtra is a 2nd-century BC Jain inscription in a cave near Pale village in the Pune District. It was written in the Jain Prakrit and includes the Navkar Mantra.

The first Marathi inscription known is at Shravanabelagola, Karnataka near the left foot of the statue of Bahubali, dated 981 CE.

Now in the modern era, the new concept of eDerasar has come up. If you fail to visit Jain Temple personally, you can access the same type of Jain Temple on internet and it is called eDerasar.

Religious organizations

The Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha is a religious and social service organization of the Jains of South India. The organization is headquartered at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.[1] The association is credited with being one of the first Jain associations to start reform movements among the Jains in modern India.[2][3] The organization mainly seeks to represent the interests of the native Jains of Maharashtra (Marathi Jains), Karnataka (Kannada Jains) and Goa.

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