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Jane Chastain

Jane Chastain (born 1943) is a former nationally known sports announcer[1] and current conservative political writer and commentator.[2]

Chastain's early television work included stations in Atlanta, Georgia and Raleigh, North Carolina.[2] She appeared on the Oct 25, 1964 episode of What's My Line? as Mrs. Jane Thomas (episode available on You Tube).

In 1967 she was hired by Miami TV station WTVJ's news anchor Ralph Renick, in what was reported as the first female sportscaster in America.[2]

CBS hired her in 1974 to provide commentary for various televised sports events. During the CBS National Football League telecast of a game on October 13, 1974, she became the first female NFL announcer, brought in as a commentator alongside Don Criqui and Irv Cross.[2]

She was used on occasional NFL broadcasts the rest of the 1974 season and also worked the college Sun Bowl Game that season. She also worked some CBS National Basketball Association telecasts.[2]

During the 1980s, Chastain began turning her attention toward politics.[2] She hosted a radio program, What Washington Doesn't Want You to Know, as well as served on a number of boards and commissions.[3] She now lives in California, and writes for conservative-leaning online publications such as WorldNetDaily,[2][4] and has written several books about politics.[3]

She is married to her husband John.[3]


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