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January 2011 Iraq suicide attacks

January 2011 Iraq suicide attacks
Location Baqubah, Karbala, and Tikrit, Iraq
Date January 18–20, 2011 (UTC+03:00)
Attack type
Car bombs, suicide bombing, shooting
Deaths At least 137
Non-fatal injuries
Perpetrators Islamic State of Iraq (claimed; Tikrit attack)[1]
Suspected perpetrators
Al-Qaeda in Iraq

The January 2011 Iraq suicide attacks were a series of four consecutive suicide bombings in Iraq.

18 January attack

On 18 January 2011, a bomber killed 63 people and injured around 150 in the city of Tikrit.[2] The bombing occurred near a police facility where several hundred people were gathered.[2] The attack was blamed on a lack of security at the event; a local police official said that "[t]he security procedures weren't good. They did not meet the demands of such a gathering."[2] A local councilman, Abdullah Jabara, said that the attack was the work of Al-Qaeda, and was intended "to shake the security in the province and to bring back instability to Tikrit."[3]

19 January attacks

On 19 January, at least 15[4][5] people were killed in two attacks in the towns of Baqubah and Ghalbiyah, both located in the same region about Script error: No such module "convert". northeast of Baghdad.[5] In the incident in Baqubah, the attacker reportedly fired on guards at a police building before driving an ambulance with explosives into the building, where the vehicle was blown up.[5] This attack killed either 13[4] or 14[5] people, while injuring between 60 and 70.[4][5] The building collapsed after the attack, burying survivors of the initial explosion.[5] The bombing was estimated to have used Script error: No such module "convert". of explosives and left a crater Script error: No such module "convert". in diameter.[6]

In Ghalbiyah, a suicide bomber killed two people and injured 15 out of a crowd marching from Baghdad to Karbala, a holy city.[5] An official from the Diyala Governorate and three of his bodyguards were wounded in this incident.[5]

20 January attacks

On 20 January, at least 56 people died when two car bombs detonated near Karbala during the holy festival of Arba'een. In Baquba, three others were killed in a separate suicide bombing.[7][8]

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