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Alternative names
  • Chop chae
  • Chap chae
  • Jabchae
  • Chapchae
Type Korean noodles
Place of origin Korea
Serving temperature Hot or cold
Main ingredients Cellophane noodles, sesame oil, vegetables (carrots, onion, spinach, mushrooms)
16x16px Cookbook:Japchae  16x16px Japchae
Hangul 잡채
Revised Romanization japchae
McCune–Reischauer chapch'ae

Japchae, jabchae, chapchae, chop chae, or chap chae (Korean: 잡채) is a Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles (called dangmyeon, Korean: 당면), stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables[1] (typically thinly sliced carrots, onion, spinach, and mushrooms), sometimes served with beef, and flavoured with soy sauce, and sweetened with sugar. It is usually served garnished with sesame seeds and slivers of chili. It may be served hot or cold.

This dish is served at Korean parties and special occasions,[1] with seasonal vegetables added.

Japchae is most commonly served as a side dish, though it may be a main dish. It is often served on a bed of rice; with rice it is known as japchae-bap (잡채밥), bap () meaning "rice."


The name japchae comprises the two hanja words jap (hangul: 잡, hanja: , literally "mixed and stirred") and chae (hangul: 채, hanja: , literally "vegetables"). Therefore, japchae literally means "a mixture of vegetables."[2]


Japchae was first made in the early 17th century, when the Joseon Dynasty was reigning in the Korean peninsula. When King Gwanghaegun hosted a big party at his palace, one of his lieges, Yi Chung, created this dish to please the king’s palate. The king liked it so much that he rewarded his liege by promoting him to the position of hojo panseo (hangul: 호조판서, hanja: , equivalent to the Secretary of the Treasury).[2] At the time, japchae was made without noodles,[3] and with thinly shredded vegetables and mushrooms, such as cucumber, mu (daikon), and pyogo (shiitake) mushroom. Since the early 20th century, dangmyeon (cellophane noodles made from sweet potato starch) has become an integral and primary ingredient of this variety of japchae.


Varieties without noodles

  • Gochu japchae (고추잡채), made with shredded fresh green chili pepper and vegetables
  • Buchu japchae (부추잡채), made with Korean chives
  • Kongnamul japchae (콩나물잡채), made with kongnamul (soybean sprouts)
  • Haemul japchae (해물잡채), made with seafood and vegetables
  • Beoseot japchae (버섯잡채), made with mushrooms

Varieties served in Korean royal court cuisine

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