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Jerry Doggett

Jerry Doggett (September 14, 1916[1] – July 7, 1997[2]) was an American sportscaster who called games for the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball from 1956 to 1987.

Early days

Doggett was born in Moberly, Missouri and began his announcing career at KFRO in Longview, Texas. In 1941, he moved to WRR before it became an FM station in Dallas to begin a 15-year career as the play-by-play baseball announcer for the Dallas Rebels of the Texas League. He also called major-league games for the Liberty Broadcasting System as well as Southern Methodist University basketball and Southwest Conference college football through the 1940s and early '50s.

With the Dodgers

In 1956, Walter O'Malley wrote a letter to another radio owner about Doggett's qualifications before hiring him for the Dodgers. During his 32-year career broadcasting for the Dodgers, Doggett, with Ross Porter from 1977-1987, played second banana to Vin Scully, who had been broadcasting Dodgers games since 1950.


Doggett was named number 88 broadcaster in The Voices of Summer by Curt Smith,[3] and was on the ballot for the 2007 Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting excellence.[4]

In 1966 acted twice in Batman, in episode 10 as The Announcer, and in episode 45 as Fred Forbes.

The character of John Doggett on the television series The X-Files was named in homage of Jerry Doggett; the show's creator, Chris Carter, is a Dodgers fan and had previously named the show's Dana Scully character for Vin Scully.[5]