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Jodhpur boot

File:Jodhpur GRENSON Hertford.jpg
Fashion jodhpur boot with classic ankle strap
A pair of modern Jodhpur-style riding boots with elastic sides
Lace-up paddock boots

The jodhpur boot is an ankle boot designed as a riding boot with a rounded toe and a low heel. They originally fastened with a strap and buckle, but today the term also includes designs with straps that do not wrap entirely around the ankle and the elastic-sided design without a strap also known as Chelsea boots. A closely related riding boot design is called a paddock boot, particularly if modified to have a lace-up front.

The vamp is sewn on top of the quarters. (A monk strap boot also fastens with a buckle, but the quarters are sewn on top of the vamp.) The strap is typically in two parts, each attached to the vamp. The buckle end is attached to the inboard side and extends halfway around the ankle, counterclockwise on the right boot. The free end is attached to the outboard side and extends entirely around the ankle, clockwise on the right boot. There is typically a loop sewn to the back of the boot that both strap ends can be passed through.

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