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John McCormick (political scientist)

John McCormick
Residence U.S.
Nationality British, U.S.
Fields Political science
Institutions Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Alma mater Rhodes University; University College London; Indiana University
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John McCormick (born 1954) is Jean Monnet Chair of European Union Politics at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), and was department chair from 2001 until 2008. He spent eight years working in the environmental movement (working for the World Wide Fund for Nature and the International Institute for Environment and Development) before becoming an academic. His research and teaching interests have moved from environmental policy to comparative politics and the politics and policies of the European Union.

His 2010 book Europeanism is an attempt to pin down the political, economic and social features of Europe and Europeans. It argues that those who focus on the failures of European integration, the mixed record in the achievement of common European policies, and disagreements among European leaders, are missing the bigger picture: that a combination of history and the rise of the European Union have helped encourage Europeans to develop common positions on a wide range of issues. Europeanism today can be equated with reduced identification with the state, secularism, welfarism, cosmopolitanism, communitarianism, multiculturalism, civilian power, and multilateralism. His 2013 book Why Europe Matters makes the case for the European Union, and attempts to address the rising tide of euroscepticism by outlining the achievements of the European Union in promoting peace, democracy, open markets, and a new approach to international relations.

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