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John Smith (professor)

John Smith (1721–1797)[1] was a Scottish physician and academic.[2]

Smith was born in Maybole, Scotland, where his father, William, was a merchant.[1][3] He studied at the University of Glasgow beginning in 1736, entered Balliol College, Oxford in 1744 with the support of the Snell Exhibition, and earned a B.A. in 1748 and an M.A. in 1751 from Balliol.[3][1] He then studied under Nathan Alcock in St Mary Hall, earning his doctorate in 1757.[1][4] Alcock left Oxford for Bath in the same year, and Smith took his place.[4][5] At Oxford, he taught anatomy and chemistry.[2][5] Despite not being a mathematician, he held the Savilian chair of geometry from 1766 until his death in 1797.[2]


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