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Johnny Dark (film)

Johnny Dark
File:Johnny Dark.jpg
Directed by George Sherman
Produced by William Alland
Starring Tony Curtis
Piper Laurie
Cinematography Carl E. Guthrie
Edited by Edward Curtiss
Release dates
  • August 16, 1954 (1954-08-16)
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Johnny Dark is a 1954 film starring Tony Curtis as a racing car driver.[1]


Johnny Dark and his pal Duke Benson work for Fielding Motors, where owner James Fielding manufactures family-friendly automobiles. Chief engineer Scotty overhears the guys complaining about the company and spots a sports-car design Johnny and Duke have done.

New employee Liz catches the eye of the guys. Her secret is that she is Fielding's granddaughter. When a major stockholder, Winston, protests the company's unwillingness to create new products for more profits, Scotty blurts out that Fielding Motors is developing a new sports car.

Liz is chosen as the car's designer while Johnny and Duke go to work building it. Duke invites her to go dancing, but is jealous when he spots her kissing Johnny, who has discovered Liz's true identity.

Duke is fired after flipping the car during a practice run. He blames it on brake failure, but Johnny feels it's just an excuse. Liz is disappointed in Johnny for not defending his friend.

The car is entered in a Canada-to-Mexico race. Johnny must drive it himself, Duke having been hired to drive another vehicle. Fielding dislikes making a sports car, but accepts Scotty's wager on the race. The car has a breakdown and Johnny must push it into Las Vegas, but when a radio broadcast implies that Fielding doesn't care, Scotty and a team of mechanics rush to Vegas to help Johnny get back into the race and win, which Liz and Duke help him celebrate.



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