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Type Snack
Place of origin West India
Region or state Maharashtra
Main ingredients Flour mixture of chickpea, urid, rice, Moong and cumin seeds
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Kadboli or kadaboli (Konkani and Marathi: कडबोळी), is a traditional savoury snack prepared in Maharashtra. Kadboli is typically made from a mixture of chickpea, urad, moong and rice flour, salt, and flavourings such as chili, ajwain, or cumin.

The same dish is known as kodbale in Karnataka, the only difference being that only rice and urad flour is used.


Kadboli is a savory snack lasts for few weeks if stored properly in air tight container , so a widespread maharashtrian snack is a great anytime snack .[1] Kadboli or Chegodilu is a very popular traditional Indian savory snack especially prepared in the states of Maharashtra , Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka .[2]


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