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Kansai Independent Baseball League

Kansai Independent Baseball League
Most recent season or competition:
Sport Baseball
Founded 2008
Inaugural season 2009
No. of teams 3
Country Japan
Ceased 2013
Last champion(s) 06BULLS
Most titles Osaka Gold Villicanes (1)
Kobe 9 Cruise (1)
Hyogo Blue Sandars (1)
06BULLS (1)
Official website KIBL Official site[dead link]

The Kansai Independent Baseball League (関西独立リーグ Kansai Dokuritsu Rīgu?) (nicknamed KANDOK) was a professional baseball league in Japan which operated from

  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year
  2. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year. The league made history on March 26, 2009, when pitcher Eri Yoshida made her debut as the first female in an otherwise all-male league.


The league's activities became public in 2008. Plans to form the league were announced at a press conference on March 6, 2008.[1] On July 30, 2008, the names of the four teams were released:

The league held its first draft on November 16, 2008. The Kobe 9 Cruise made history, selecting 16-year-old Eri Yoshida to be the first female in an otherwise all-male league.[2] Yoshida made her professional debut at the Osaka Dome in the opening game of the KIBL on March 26, 2009, before 11,592 fans. Yoshida faced two batters, walking the first and striking-out the second in a 5-0 win over the Osaka Gold Villicanes.[3]

The first league champion, the Osaka Gold Villicanes, left KANDOK after the first season, seceding to the Japan Future Baseball League. A new team, Seoul Haechi, was created to fill their spot.

Following the model of the Osaka Gold Villicanes, the second league champion, the Kobe 9 Cruise, seceded from KANDOK after the 2010 season, while the Akashi Red Soldiers went defunct. The league added three new teams, the Hyogo Blue Sandars, the Kobe Suns, and the Osaka Hawks Dream. The league now had five teams.

The Osaka Hawks Dream seceded after the 2011 season and Seoul Haechi went defunct, reducing the league to three teams. To fill the void, the Yamato Samurai Reds and the 06BULLS were created in time for the 2012 season.

The Kobe Suns and Yamato Samurai Reds both went defunct after the 2012 season.

In its final season the league had three teams, the Kishu Rangers, the Hyogo Blue Sandars, and the 06BULLS, with the Rangers being the only team which lasted for the duration of the league.


Team First season Final season City Stadium Team color Notes
Kishu Rangers[4] 2009 2013 Wakayama, Wakayama Wakayama Prefectural Kimiidera Baseball Stadium
Hyogo Blue Sandars 2011 2013 Sanda, Hyōgo Kippi Stadium
06BULLS 2012 2013 Higashiōsaka, Osaka Hanazono Central Stadium
Akashi Red Soldiers 2009 2010 Akashi, Hyōgo Akashi Park Defunct
Seoul Haechi 2010 2011 Wakayama Defunct
Kobe Suns 2011 2012 Kobe and Awaji Island, Hyōgo Sumoto Municiple Stadium Defunct
Yamato Samurai Reds 2012 2012 Nara Nara Prefectural Kashihara Oyakesono baseball field Defunct
Osaka Gold Villicanes 2009 2009 Osaka, Osaka Suminoekoen Stadium Seceded
Kobe 9 Cruise 2009 2010 Kobe, Hyōgo Skymark Stadium Seceded
Osaka Hawks Dream 2011 2011 Osaka Suminoekoen Stadium Seceded

Championship history

Year Winner
  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year || Osaka Gold Villicanes
  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year || Kobe 9 Cruise
  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year || Hyogo Blue Sandars
  1. REDIRECT Template:Baseball year || 06BULLS


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  • This article incorporates information translated from 関西独立リーグ (Kansai Dokuritsu League) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved on November 17, 2008.

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