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Kartoffelkäse with red onion and chives
Type Spread
Main ingredients Potatoes, sour cream, cream, onions, caraway, parsley
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Kartoffelkäse (lit.: potato cheese) is a spread from the regions of Bavaria and Austria.


The name confuses as the spread does not contain any cheese (see also Leberkäse). The name is considered to derive from the milky-sweet flavour.

The spread was originally a dish that was prepared for the seasonal workers that helped with the potato harvest and was served as second breakfast or snack with milk, beer and must. It is very popular in Lower Bavaria, Inner and Western Austria and is made from floury potatoes, sour cream, cream, onions, caraway and parsley.


The potatoes are cooked and mashed and mixed with small diced onion (in proportions 3:1) and sour cream until it becomes a spreadable mixture. This is then flavoured with salt, pepper, caraway, parsley and sometimes garlic and chives. Some recipes suggest to mix a cooked egg but this shortens the storage life considerably.

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